[Review] Madden NFL 23 Choose Ultimate Team Developed by Tiburon

This review is for the Playstation 5 and /S versions of Madden NFL 23, so it should not be used as a reference for other Playstation or PC versions. This article looks at some features that are only available on the Series X/S editions of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox One.

On August 19, 2022, EA Sports released Madden NFL 23, an American video game. Every year, this sporting event is the talk of the town.

Many game enthusiasts have a negative opinion of sports video games. Numerous individuals believe that there have been no significant changes to the sports games since last year. Many individuals believe that sports game developers merely copy and paste content from previous releases.

Can Madden NFL 23 overcome the stigma associated with sports video games? Check out the complete review of this American football video game by EA Sports.

Sweet tribute to John Madden in Madden NFL Game Report 23

Curious about Madden’s name in this game? The name Madden is derived from the legendary American football coach John Madden. Numerous championships have been won by one of the greatest coaches in NFL history.

John Madden was heavily involved in the creation of the first Madden NFL game. To simulate the real world, he decided to create an 11-on-11 American football game. He also served as the game’s commentator until the 2009 release of Madden NFL.

In late 2021, John Madden died. For this reason, EA Sports has dedicated this year’s edition to the late great coach. The iconic “EA Sports, it’s in the game” line, which features the original voice of John Madden, is one of the most obvious.

When you first play this game, you will be taken directly to Game John Madden Legacy. This battle is presented by John Madden of EA Sports and features two teams of coaches’ favorite players.

Then, the coach of the two teams was revealed to be John Madden. The game’s commentators also did an excellent job of describing John Madden’s career.

EA Sports was able to present the game in a very clean manner. EA Sports filmed a touching video tribute to the deceased coach during halftime.

Major reengineering of ball throwing

In American football, throwing the ball is one of the most important aspects. For this edition, EA Sports completely redesigned the game’s most vital components. When you first enter this game, EA Sports will immediately provide you with three different ball options. They introduced two new casting systems that emphasize player skill over random chance. While the last ball-throwing system is identical to that of the prior edition,

Skill-Based Passes: Placement + Accuracy necessitate the player’s ability to correctly position the ball for the receiver to catch it. Meanwhile, Skill-Based Passing: Position + Power allows you to adjust the quarterback’s passing velocity. So that you do not become confused, EA Sports makes you go through the tutorial and try out two different ways to throw the ball. It will take some time to adjust to the fact that throwing the ball in this game is completely different from the previous version.

Even as someone who has spent dozens of hours playing Madden NFL 22, I struggled to adapt to this new technique. It took me two or three hours to become accustomed to this game’s new throwing technique.

This is a great way to make the skill gap between players bigger, especially in the competitive mode of this game. You have enhanced control when throwing the ball compared to the prior version. Also, in older versions of Madden, the method for throwing the ball relied heavily on random number generation, which is not ideal for a game with such intense competition. The FieldSENSE function contains new animations.

In addition to introducing a new way to throw the ball, EA Sports also adds numerous new animations to this game. This new animation will unquestionably lend a never-before-seen feel and atmosphere to this game.

It did not take long to discover new EA Sports animations. The difference between new and old animation is comparable to the difference between day and night. The new animation that was just added to this game makes it look more fluid, which is nice to look at. One of the big changes from the last version is that player battles and clashes now have animation. The player’s movement during collisions has been made more fluid, cleaner, and more realistic. Taking out the opposing team’s quarterback provides its own unique satisfaction.

In addition to the player-versus-player combat, the aerial combat in this game is much more visually appealing. In previous versions of Madden, players would frequently “teleport” themselves by leaping to catch balls. This has been decreased in the current edition. The FieldSENSE feature also improves the visual appeal of dogfights by reworking their physics. Compared to the previous episode, the animation of the players engaging in an aerial duel to catch the ball looks much more “human.”

Although the gameplay has changed, the overall game mode remains the same.
Whether it’s a coincidence or not, no game has ever offered simultaneous improvements to gameplay and game modes.

With significant changes to the game, scope development frequently fails. In contrast, when the game mode changes, the gameplay typically remains the same.

That is how I feel about Madden NFL 23, specifically. In general, game modes lack new life due to the drastic nature of the gameplay changes. The different game modes in this game continue to provide me with no reason to continue playing until the next Madden NFL is released.

For instance, the Madden Ultimate Team mode is typically identical to its predecessor. Although this mode will be enhanced by the “Season Pass,” this feature already exists in EA Sports’ FIFA Ultimate Team mode. Therefore, this condition rarely undergoes significant change. Even if there is a change, it only affects existing characteristics.

Then, the Face of the Franchise is shown, which is even less open-ended than the other parts. This trait that NFL players are known for has a big flaw, in my opinion. As an established NFL player, you will be strongly encouraged to begin this regimen.

This is certain to detract from the previous installments’ “career-based” atmosphere. As an NFL athlete, you dive headfirst into the chaos of everyday life. This obviously prevents you from experiencing those moments when you played for your college team or the stress of NFL proceedings.

The Franchise mode appears identical to the previous edition. From the main menu options for the game’s various aspects, not much has changed since the previous release. The only significant modification to this feature is the addition of an incentive area for each player. This adds to the prerequisites you must fulfill before recruiting players.


Overall, you will experience a new sensation when playing Madden NFL 23. Even if you have played prior installments in the NFL series. Significant alterations to some of the game’s fundamentals give this game a very different feel. Off the field, however, EA Sports has not made any significant modifications. Typically, game modes, which are the “soul” of sports video games, are neglected. This gives the impression that Madden NFL 23 is missing a piece of the puzzle.

Madden NFL 23: Overall, you will experience a new sensation when playing Madden NFL 23. Even if you have played prior installments in the NFL series. Significant alterations to some of the game's fundamentals give this game a very different feel. kendajaya

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