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Inscryption review under genre Adventure, Indie, Strategy developed by Daniel Mullins Games & published by Devolver Digital released date 19 Oct, 2021 – Inscryption is a pitch-black card-based odyssey that combines deck-building roguelikes, escape-room-style puzzles, and psychological terror into a bloody smoothie. Even darker are the revelations written on the cards…


Writing about Inscryption is an act of betrayal. I’m tempted to adopt the first rule of Fight Club and abandon this review. I would simply affix a bloodstained note to the page stating “play it already.”

What can we say about Inscryption without diminishing the thrill of discovering and playing it for yourself? Let’s say it’s an unwashed visitor that has forced its way into your residence. It places some soiled playing cards on the table and demands that you play.

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Inscryption Adventure Indie & Strategy Game

We presume stating that Inscryption is a roguelike deckbuilder would not ruin much. You begin with a deck, which grows as you acquire additional cards. All of the playing cards depict animals, including stray forest creatures and mangled chimeras. They are played onto a grid, which corresponds to the channels of columns in which they attack.

You battle Leshy, a masked Old Man of the Forest who has captured you. His piercing eyes gaze at you from across the board as you insert each animal into its corresponding slot. Your objective is to inflict enough damage to Leshy in order to win the encounter and proceed.

Inscryption gallery 2
Inscryption gallery 2

It is comparable to other CCGs, primarily lane-based variants. If your creature’s vitality reaches zero, it is relegated to the graveyard. However, a portion of the macabre brilliance resides in the theme – for example, bloody sacrifices pay for cards – while the remainder resides in the design details. Numerous sigils on the cards have powerful effects, and the cards can be merged, altered, and upgraded to create monstrous new creatures.

After each battle, you advance upwards on a game board depicting some sort of hellish journey, with each stop representing a distinct event. The future holds fur trappers, sacrifice altars, and conflict. Leshy dons various masks to depict the individuals you encounter, creating the effect of role-playing with a serial killer.

Inscryption gallery 3
Inscryption gallery 3

The atmosphere is as viscous as treacle. The score buzzes like a mosquito caught in a microphone casing. The life points you gain and lose are represented by teeth being pulled out of your mouth. Inscryption is one of the most oppressive and claustrophobic games we’ve ever played, yet we want everyone to experience it, so we must have Stockholm Syndrome. What an attitude Inscryption has!

Moreover, it is so incredibly ingenious. To illustrate the brilliance of Inscryption, let’s choose one and disclose its specifics: when you lose, you receive a ‘Deathcard’. This card is a Frankenstein’s Monster comprised of the costs, attributes, and sigils of all the cards you’ve earned, and you can choose the body parts. Once the Deathcard has been created, it is one that you can acquire from subsequent runs. You can even give it a custom name. Cecil, a Deathcard that returned to us multiple times, was a game-winning card that we were always pleased to encounter.

Inscryption gallery 4
Inscryption gallery 4

Our subsequent stages in the review are challenging. Because the card game we’ve described is only a sliver of what makes Inscryption unexpected, hazy, and ingenious. But this brilliance must be discovered if the enchantment is to be preserved.

Know that the game board is only a small portion of the world of Inscryption. The designers’ eyes are drawn to the area encircling the game board as well as any other objects that may be in the room. The focus then shifts to the nature of the game you are playing; Inscryption transforms into a meta-nightmare that makes you frightened to be playing it. The eyes then wander further, questioning whether or not the card game is the primary game of Inscryption. The carpet is dragged out from beneath you, revealing a bloody hide.

We are aware of how aggravating this review sounds and how slippery Inscryption appears to be as a game. However, if you have any interest in CCGs and deckbuilders, you should not hesitate to purchase this game and unbox it layer by layer throughout its playthrough. If you desire to be surprised by the games you play, or if you wish gaming would stretch its boundaries further, then purchase a ticket and join the line. You should also join the queue for Inscryption if you merely enjoy exquisitely crafted, significant games that may have a lasting impact in the coming decades.

We refuse to provide additional information that we already possess. Inscryption weakens the more you know about it, so if possible, approach completely ignorant. We haven’t been this excited about a game in a very long time, and we hope to excite as many people as possible by recommending it.

Purchase Inscryption, then distribute it. Continue the bleeding chain. Return the favor.

Inscryption: Inscryption is a pitch-black card-based odyssey that combines deck-building roguelikes, escape-room-style puzzles, and psychological terror into a bloody smoothie. Even darker are the revelations written on the cards… kendajaya

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