[Review] Guns N’ Runs Action Adventure & Indie Game by Statera Studio

(Last Updated On: May 23, 2023)

Guns N’ Runs is a sophisticated platform, action, and shooter game with fast-paced super specials and Dash mechanics. Unlock a large number of meticulous challenges and foes. All of this is accompanied by an immersive soundtrack and a unique story for each of the eight characters.

Guns n runs
Guns n runs

For the one millionth time this year, a retro-styled, side-scrolling platform game has arrived in my inbox.

Gun N’ Runs is the game in question, and I’m not convinced a title has ever been more descriptive. It was developed by Statera Studio and published by Storybird Studio, with the essence of the game neatly summarized in the title: you run, you shoot, you perish, and you curse.

As a means of introduction, we will examine the plotline associated with the action at hand. I’ll elucidate it as best I can, despite the fact that it’s a frivolous piece of filler. We are the Conspiracy Squad, and we have been sent on a capture and rescue mission to a stronghold in the Atacama Desert. And, frankly, that is all we need to know.

Guns n runs gallery 2
Guns n runs gallery 2

Characters and levels are rendered in an appealing pixel art manner, which is a bright spot in the game’s presentation. Supposedly, every level was hand-drawn, and while I cannot confirm this, the levels are all visually appealing and diverse in style. The game is presented from a side-on perspective, with the protagonist beginning on the left and having to exit through a door on the right; while there can be considerable verticality in the levels, this is essentially the objective. So, it appears the part, but the music, which drives the action as you enter each new screen, deserves a special mention. Overall, there are no issues with the presentation to report.

The action on exhibit is a traditional game of two halves, with traversal mechanics on one side of the scales and combat on the other. The structure of Guns N’ Runs ensures that the two elements are nearly inseparable, but I will separate them for the purpose of explaining what is happening. We’ll begin with the traversal mechanics, as they are a significant component of the game. Each room of the bunker is its own level, and while there are some sections with a boss at the conclusion, each room is difficult.

Guns n runs gallery 3
Guns n runs gallery 3

It’s pleasant to see that each of the eight Conspiracy Squad members (four are selectable at the outset, with the remaining four unlockable during gameplay) not only has a unique appearance, but also a slightly different story attached to their run throughs. Initially, the game unfolds very quickly, and you will need your senses about you to survive unharmed. All characters share the same moveset, which consists of a double jump and a dash that can be conducted in any direction. This dash is not only beneficial for clearing large gaps in the floor, but also in combat, as it allows you to dash through danger. However, spikes, lasers, and even projectiles can be dodged, which is extremely useful.

To add a little spice to the mix, there are certain objects in the world that allow you to reset or refill your dash, and these can be used to keep you in the air for an almost indefinite amount of time. If you refill your dash and dash again, you can also add an extra jump to the end, which quickly becomes too much for my aging fingertips and arthritic reflexes to handle.

Guns n runs gallery 4
Guns n runs gallery 4

The controls for jumping are tight and responsive, and while you will perish (a lot), it is not because of lax controls. In addition to allowing you to move and defend yourself, the dash motion can also be used to destroy the scattered blocks. You can even rush downward to destroy obstructions below you, which is also essential. Overall, in Guns N’ Runs, dash will be your best companion.

There is also plenty of combat to engage in, and the controls for this are pleasantly straightforward – you have a regular attack that fires bullets from your gun, and a super attack that can be unleashed when the meter in the upper left is sufficiently filled. The majority of foes are relatively weak and fall after a few strikes; while there are a variety of types to eliminate, they are, in general, quite fragile.

However, the situation changes once you reach the master. Using the first enemy as an example (no spoilers! ), he is a man in a massive tank that flies back and forth in an attempt to capture you. His only weakness is his cranium, which is inexplicably protruding from the top of the tank. It is not an exaggeration to state that it took me a while to beat this level, as it requires jumping and shooting. The remainder are worse.

Guns N’ Runs is a difficult game, requiring precise leaping, shooting, and running in order to complete it. You may discover that you prefer to stick primarily to the casual difficulty because it saves after each completed room, but masochists can also try out the other difficulties. Guns N’ Runs is essentially comprised of a straightforward concept that is executed well and remains extremely challenging.

This is the perfect game for you if you enjoy shooting and sprinting!

Guns N’ Runs: Guns N' Runs is a sophisticated platform, action, and shooter game with fast-paced super specials and Dash mechanics. Unlock a large number of meticulous challenges and foes. All of this is accompanied by an immersive soundtrack and a unique story for each of the eight characters. kendajaya

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