[Review] F1 2022 FIA Formula One World Championship Developed by Codemasters

2022 is quite an eventful year in Formula 1, not only in the real world but also in the field of video games. The release of the F1 22 was also a sign of EA Sports’ influence on the jet racing series.

In early 2021, EA Sports acquired Codemasters which has a license to produce Formula 1 games. After the acquisition process, EA Sports has the right to become the publisher of games released every year.

This is not the first time that EA Sports has been granted a license to make a Formula 1 game. This American company had a license for this game from 2000 to 2003. They produced several game titles such as F1 2000, F1 2001, F1 2002 and F1 Career Challenge.

After a gap of several years, Formula 1 games returned to the market in 2009. Codemasters became the licensee starting in 2009 before being bought by EA Sports.

Like most sports games, it has a next-generation version for Playstation 4, PC, and Xbox One, as well as a next-gen version for Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X|S consoles. In this test we use F1 22 for Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.

Is this franchise doing better under EA Sports now? We cover all of them in this review.

Gameplay changes completely as Formula 1 develops in the real world

Formula 1 management completely changed the shape of the cars used for this year’s races. They hope this change can make the feed more interesting and narrow the gap between the best and worst teams. Responding to these changes, Codemaster not only changed the appearance of the car by visually re-creating the shape of the car in the real world, but also changed the manipulation system included in this game.

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If you’ve ever played F1 2021, you need to get rid of the habits you’ve brought with you from the game. The cars in this game have very different characteristics from the cars in the previous editions.

For example, the cars in this game tend to have more understeer features than in the previous game. It is the result of Codemasters’ efforts to recreate Formula 1 cars in the real world more attractively than ever. With a higher compression force, the car automatically becomes easier to control. That’s why cars can bulldoze the pavement very easily in this game. This is different from the cars in previous games, which were very easy to lose control when stepping on the pavement.

Even if you’ve played Formula 1 games before, you’ll still need some time to adjust before you get the maximum driving experience.

This is of course very good and gives the impression that this game is very different from previous game versions. Something that we rarely see in sports games that have to produce new games every year.

Changes to the single player feature are minor

As a racing game that relies on authenticity, the single player feature certainly plays an important role in this game. Acting as a Formula 1 driver or having your own team and competing against real Formula 1 teams are two of the features implemented in this game.

Unfortunately, both of these problems were found in previous Formula 1 games. Neither Codemasters nor EA Sports have brought anything new to the game.

The only modification made to My Team is the ability to set your team’s status at the beginning of the game. You have the option of being a rookie, a midfield challenger, or a championship challenger. Each of these options determines your starting bankroll, the strength of your team at the beginning of the season, and your profit.

Otherwise, this Codemasters game is devoid of novelty. Even the driver’s career mode, which allows you to race for one of the Formula 1 teams, is very similar to the previous version. No upgrades and typically a rehash of previous releases.

Even the breakpoint feature from the previous year’s game has completely vanished from this year’s game. Even though the story is quite addictive at the conclusion of the story mode, a sequel is possible.

It is reasonable to assume that many players will stop playing this game in the coming months due to its lack of features.

F1 Life: ineffective function

Fans of Formula 1 games will have questions if the single-player mode remains unchanged. What have you been engaged in thus far?

The answer to this question is provided by F1 Life, a feature that I am still unsure of other than the fact that it adds a microtransaction system to this game.

The price of approximately $659 does not appear to be sufficient for EA Sports; they want to make more money from the players. They sell a variety of character-customizable accessories, including clothes, pants, shoes, glasses, and hats.

Purchasing these accessories requires additional funds that can only be obtained through microtransactions. All of these accessories are, however, only useful as wallpaper for the main menu.

Similar to NBA 2K22, you cannot drive around town or use these accessories. NO! In the main menu, your character only functions as a player, along with other items such as sofas, lamps, and carpets that EA Sports also sells via microtransactions.

Do you desire to operate a ? Simply play Forza or Gran Turismo instead!

The supercar feature that I initially believed would save Formula One was also extremely disappointing. First, the selection of cars is extremely limited. You can only select vehicles from Formula 1 manufacturers, such as Ferrari, Mercedes, McLaren, and Aston Martin. And even then with a limited selection of automobiles. Other manufacturers such as Lamborghini, Porsche, and Audi are irrelevant to this game.

Second, this supercar cannot even be used for racing. Correct, this game’s supercars cannot be used for racing. This supercar can only be driven in minigames that last approximately two to three minutes.

I could not initially see any connection between Formula 1 and supercars. When people purchase this game, they anticipate driving the most technologically advanced racing cars like Max Verstappen or Lewis Hamilton. Not for driving supercars that are significantly inferior to Formula 1 vehicles. It would appear that Codemasters’ attempts to compete with Forza or Gran Turismo have been unsuccessful. The explanation is straightforward: in both games, you can race supercars. Something missing from this game.

Few bugs make Formula 1 races resemble the real world

As previously stated, sports video games sell an element of authenticity. In this game, only consoles offer the sensation of being a Formula 1 racer.

In this game, they attempted to replicate every element of Formula 1. For instance, this game includes the sprint races that Formula 1 management introduced last year.

Then, the course of this game is also quite updated and comprehensive. For instance, at the Miami International Autodrome, which just joined the Formula 1 schedule this year, the game can be played on the day of its release.

Additionally, this game includes upgrades for existing circuits. In this game, circuits such as Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, Yas Marina Circuit, and Albert Park, which have undergone significant changes in the real world, are faithfully reproduced.

Even so, Codemasters and EA Sports are still missing a number of features that I believe are quite vital and have a significant impact on the gaming experience. In Formula 1, there are no red flag periods, a common occurrence in the real world when very serious incidents or accidents occur.

Then, during the safety car, the cars that had overlapped the safety car were unable to pass it to get to their lap. Consequently, if the safety car comes out during your overlap, your race will be ruined and you will not be able to catch up to the other cars. Even though these two things have always been official Formula 1 rules, despite the fact that they are fundamental. Unfortunately, Codemasters and EA Sports do not implement this, which diminishes the worth of this game.


This game’s lack of direction is probably the best way to describe it. Given the growing popularity of Formula 1 due to the Drive to Survive series on Netflix, this game’s F1 Life and Supercars features actually target off-road elements.

The track component, which is essential to this sport, has been completely neglected. This demonstrates the lack of single-player feature enhancements and the need for Codemasters and EA Sports to enforce two simple rules.

This game has been saved by significant gameplay modifications. At least it gives this game a new twist and feel. After reading our match analysis, do the advantages and disadvantages of F1 22 guarantee the longevity of this game? Share your thoughts in the comments section, please!

F1® 22 : This game's lack of direction is probably the best way to describe it. Given the growing popularity of Formula 1 due to the Drive to Survive series on Netflix, this game's F1 Life and Supercars features actually target off-road elements. kendajaya

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