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(Last Updated On: May 25, 2023)

EA SPORTS PGA TOUR Game review by genre RPG & Sport Game developed & published by Electronic Arts. – EA SPORTSTM PGA TOURTM, the exclusive home of the Majors, incorporates Pure Strike for superior golf gameplay, powered by ShotLink®, and unparalleled access to the world’s most exclusive golf courses.

Ea sports pga tour main
Ea sports pga tour main

The proverb “absence makes the heart grow fonder” could teach numerous video game designers a thing or two.

Ubisoft accomplished it with Assassin’s Creed, and now the franchise is in its best possible state. The same could be said for the six-year delay for a new mainline Final Fantasy game. Then there is the nearly eight-year delay for a new EA SPORTS golf game. And if EA SPORTS PGA TOUR is any indication, that time away was very, very well spent.

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Rory McIlroy PGA Tour appeared to be the final nail in the coffin after Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2003–2006 pushed the series to the brink of insignificance. Not, however, the player associated with the title. Rory cannot be held accountable for anything.

The highlight of EA SPORTS PGA TOUR is undoubtedly the return of Augusta National, a course that has not been featured in any golf game since 2014. The game was even delayed one last time to ensure its release during The Masters tournament week, which was held at the same venue.

Ea sports pga tour gallery 2
Ea sports pga tour gallery 2

In addition, there are twenty-nine additional courses included, with more being added over time. It is a reasonable amount to begin with, particularly considering the additional courses included. Included are St. Andrews, TPC Sawgrass, Pebble Beach, and my personal favorite, Wolf Creek, as well as a few fantasy courses from previous EA titles.

And they all appear completely breathtaking. The decision to launch exclusively on current-generation consoles has partially paid off, but more on that later. However, the courses are breathtakingly beautiful. EA has done a remarkable job of recreating each character’s distinctive appearance and personality. And you can also observe their visual transformations over time: the shadows lengthen, the wind varies dynamically, and the crowds expand.

Ea sports pga tour gallery 3
Ea sports pga tour gallery 3

You can also sense the difference in their playing styles. Using a combination of photogrammetry, GPS, and even helicopters equipped with LiDAR technology, each course was meticulously recreated. This technology is typically used to map mines and underground caves, so its application to the surface of a golf course means that every apparently insignificant bump and mound has been faithfully recreated.

You cannot approach them the same way because they are so accurately recreated. In order to initiate the Career mode, I won The American Express at PGA West by four strokes. In the next event at Torrey Pines, my aggressive play cost me dearly, and I ended up in three consecutive bunkers and narrowly made the cut. After that, the lesson was learned.

Ea sports pga tour gallery 4
Ea sports pga tour gallery 4

In EA SPORTS PGA TOUR, you will spend the majority of your time in the Career mode. It is not a game that includes a multitude of comparable game modes. Even Career mode eliminates sponsorship objectives, as PGA Tour 2K23 does, and combines them with Challenge mode. Here, you can acquire exclusive apparel and equipment by completing one of countless challenges. More are added based on what is occurring in the actual world of golf; after The Masters, a boatload more were added. Thankfully, falling trees are absent from the digital rendition.

The standard online modes for competitive and social activities are also available. At launch, Competitive has only two match types: Amen Corner at Augusta and a random nine holes, but more will be added shortly. In addition to a more consistent online component, I have been kicked back to the Xbox dashboard a few times when attempting to join a game.

You can also design your own golfer, though the customization options are limited. It’s a minor issue, but it would have been great to have a more robust creator.

The leveling system is significantly more aggravating. It follows the traditional method of awarding skill points as you level up, but certain shot types are concealed until you level them up. When feasible, I prefer to putt from off the green rather than chip towards the hole. However, I was required to invest numerous skill points into my putting ability before I could activate this shot type. I would have preferred to level up my approach accuracy, but I was compelled to spend these points on a competency I already possess.

Occasionally, this approach’s precision is wholly abandoned. Currently, EA SPORTS PGA TOUR is incapable of handling shots taken in front of obstacles. Whether it’s a tree, a gallery stand, or something else, if you cannot see your participant, the swing meter will be absent as well. And if you cannot see this, estimating how much force you are applying to your projectile is purely speculative. This has been announced as an upcoming enhancement to the game, but it could have been discovered prior to release.

The performance parameters are yet another feature that could be patched in the future. Despite launching on only the current generation, EA SPORTS PGA TOUR is fixed at 30 frames per second. It’s not a significant issue for a slower-paced sport like golf, but we can only presume it’s due to the desire to make these games as visually appealing as possible. However, a performance parameter is mentioned on the website. But it is presently absent from the game.

The traditional three-click swing technique will also be incorporated in a later patch. Currently, the only method to play is by simulating a swing using the analog sticks. It is a technique that has been around for a few years, but newcomers may initially find it difficult to implement. It transforms EA SPORTS into a simulation-based sports game that retains arcade elements. You can enhance the power of your shots by repeatedly pressing A during the backswing, and you can add spin to the ball while it is in flight. Some may contend that EA SPORTS PGA TOUR suffers from a lack of identity, but in all honesty, this healthy mix elevates it far above anything 2K has released while EA has been silent. Additionally, there are Heartbeat Moments.

Reappearing are these unique circumstances that make those crucial strikes even more impressive. When you hit a long shot that is heading directly for the hole, the screen will zoom in, the action will slow down, and a heartbeat will begin to pound through the speakers. They do not occur frequently, but they are something that you will never weary of.

Not that it’s recommended on a golf course, but EA’s EA SPORTS PGA TOUR is an absolute home run. It is a welcome return for a series that no longer requires a golfing legend on its cover. And it was long overdue as well. Recent years have been covered by the 2K PGA games, but going forward there will only be space for one golf franchise. Welcome to the club again, EA.

EA SPORTS PGA TOUR: EA SPORTSTM PGA TOURTM, the exclusive home of the Majors, incorporates Pure Strike for superior golf gameplay, powered by ShotLink®, and unparalleled access to the world's most exclusive golf courses. kendajaya

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