[Review] Disney Mirrorverse Choose Guardians Mobile Role-Playing Game by Disney and Kabam

June 2022 A -affiliated Kabam studio has released an RPG video game. is a role-playing game that features many Disney and Pixar-based playable characters, ranging from Mickey Mouse from Disney’s first animated film to Baymax and Hiro from Big Hero 6.

This strategy game brings together three players based on the four existing roles: Melee, Tank, Ranged, and Support. In addition to combining each character, you must also have a plan for which characters will attack and which will defend.

Even though many Disney games have featured crossovers by presenting characters from different franchises, Disney Mirrorverse gives these characters a new appearance. We can see a variety of never-before-seen, one-of-a-kind garments.

Present in the mobile version, Disney Mirrorverse can be downloaded for free from the App Store and Play Store. By linking your Google Play account and, if you have one, your Kabam account, you will receive additional bonuses upon entering the game for the first time.

This time, KendaJaya will discuss one of the crossover games based on Disney and Kaban’s collaboration. Curious, for instance, as to what game it is. Please review the following article!

Disney characters have a frightening appearance.

In the story of Disney Mirrorverse, two stars collide and create a new world. This second merger spawned the worldwide Disney Mirrorverse. Well-known Disney characters, such as Eve from Wall-E, Sully from Monster Inc., Mickey Mouse, Captain Jack Sparrow, and many others, wear a variety of outfits.

Belle, based solely on Beauty and the Beast, wears a fighting outfit and is so garish! In this game, every Disney Princess has hair, not just Belle. In this game, you can play as Ariel, Rapunzel, Mulan, Anna, Elsa, Tiana, and Merida, among many others.

It would be great to get designs for new and unique clothes based on each of these characters. This outfit has never been featured in a Disney film.

Light gameplay for amusing individuals

In accordance with your will, three characters with the same or different roles will advance onto the battlefield to defeat the enemy. The gameplay in Disney Mirrorverse is very simple, as you only need to move one of the characters to dodge and perform available skills. Other characters will act automatically, but you will have complete control over their abilities.

Even if you do not wish to control your character, an autoplay mode is available. In this autoplay mode, no character movement is required, and all characters’ skills are automatically activated when their cooldowns expire.

In addition, in grinding mode to level up based on your character, there is an autocomplete mode that makes it extremely simple so that you do not waste time grinding materials. However, this mode cannot be activated until the previous level has been completed.

Dungeon and Tower are additional modes besides story. In Dungeon mode, you will use Dungeon Stamina and explore the labyrinth in order to advance to the next level. Tower Mode is a mode that pits various bosses with varying levels of difficulty against one another. If you are successful, you will receive materials and more before advancing to the next level and meeting a new boss.

Making you pay by force due to the best game

The fact that Disney Mirrorverse is a free mobile game is one of the reasons why this game frequently provides very alluring bonuses.

After you finish a few levels in the first chapter, you’ll get a lot of free gacha tickets that you can use to buy your favorite characters. Following that, you will be presented with multiple offers on the same page.

In addition, when you log in for the first time each day, you will receive a new, extremely affordable offer. These offers appear unexpectedly when you are on the homepage, selecting a level, and completing a mission, which makes the game somewhat annoying. As you progress through the game, you will encounter numerous gacha and crystals that allow you to collect your preferred characters. Keep in mind that there are gachas that require Merida, Sally, or Jack Sparrow to acquire. Each character’s role can be determined in advance.

The Gacha is very plentiful.

Multiple columns of accomplishments and objectives, some of which award free character gachas for completing specific missions. Some individuals collect and trade balls for gacha machines.

In addition, this game allows you to earn gacha by completing specific events. You can also exchange fragments and points for crystals for gacha and storeable orbs in the shop.

Alliances involve joining forces with other players. Here you can find laurels and exchange them for characters, orbs, or crystal shards. By completing simple quests and exchanging them for Laurel, you can earn at least 1,000 Laurel.

The Dungeon mode is a maze mode with its own unique stamina. In this maze mode, clearing floors will earn you gacha and crystals. You earn dungeon experience points by advancing through dungeons and gaining levels. In this mode, you can obtain both orbs and crystals.

Not only that, however. Even if you log in daily, you can obtain interesting gacha. From confirmed 2-star characters to confirmed 4-star characters, you can acquire them with daily login bonuses. If you play during the release event, you are fortunate because you can obtain a large quantity of gacha through daily login bonuses.

Are you all set? Obviously not. You can also obtain free gacha during specific cooldowns. The Disney Mirrorverse provides free crafting crystals, but you must wait between two and twelve hours for rewards ranging from materials to three-star characters.

The longer you play, the more challenging it will be to gain strength.

As the character’s level increases, it becomes increasingly difficult to defeat the enemy. Consequently, you should prioritize increasing your character’s strength.

The auto-complete feature simplifies and expedites the sanding of the required material. Nevertheless, it’s a shame that my stamina and the number of missions I’ve won prevented me from refining it more rapidly. This makes character advancement in this game even more difficult.

Due to level restrictions, it is not possible to acquire materials in a single day when they are used to strengthen specific characters.

Not only are materials to increase character level scarce, but so are materials to increase character skills. There are approximately three to five level-up materials that I am currently utilizing. From these three materials, you can gain five skill points for your character.


This is a report on the Disney Mirrorverse game. This game is a lot of fun to play in one’s spare time due to its appealing character designs and simple gameplay. Also, you can play anywhere.

The primary goal of this game is to harm the player. Make players feel at ease and gradually encourage them to spend money on character enhancements. Careful!

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Disney Mirrorverse: This is a report on the Disney Mirrorverse game. This game is a lot of fun to play in one's spare time due to its appealing character designs and simple gameplay. Also, you can play anywhere. The primary goal of this game is to harm the player. Make players feel at ease and gradually encourage them to spend money on character enhancements. Careful! kendajaya

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