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Most Asian gamers seem to judge Call of Duty by how good its campaign is, which was charming in some of its most famous older series. However, it cannot be denied that his appeal to gamers is broader and more rooted in multiplayer mode. There are a significant number of gamers who only allocate their annual game budget to the latest Call of Duty series, which is naturally characterized by intense multiplayer activities. There are numerous individuals who make shopping decisions based solely on this mode.

Since the beginning of the game, Call of Duty’s multiplayer mode has been run in a certain way, which is still the case today. It’s always there as a game with close-range shooting that doesn’t need a big map. Then, in each series, it gets new changes, like the ability to use Overwatch-style abilities or changes that try to make the game’s mechanics look more real. With serving as Modern Warfare 2’s creative director this year, there are high hopes for this mode outside of the existing campaign mode.

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So, what exactly does the multiplayer mode of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II offer? Why do we call it a game if it provides a similar thrilling experience? This review will elaborate on the topic for you.

In contrast to the previous Call of Duty series, in which wars always ended and were centered solely on conflicts on small maps that made shooting and fleeing a common method of dominance, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II features a mode that is, of course, more. Those who want a “more Battlefield” experience will now have the option to do so, as the game is no longer solely focused on small-scale warfare.

If you want a traditional Call of Duty multiplayer experience, you can still play modes like TDM and Domination, which encourage you to continue actively fighting, killing, fleeing, or being hunted across a variety of existing maps. With a map of the same size as the Call of Duty multiplayer map in general, it features additional alleys and roads to prevent camping.

Those who are looking for something more tactical and risky can try modes such as Search & Destroy or Hostage, which require closer teamwork than the typical small map modes. Both will provide distinct sensations.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II also features a mode for large-scale battles, similar to what EA offers in Battlefield. Modes such as Invasion, for instance, feature dozens of player battles in the same area, complete with controllable war vehicles such as tanks. Interestingly? Considering that a winning team is based on points, Invasion Mode includes AI foes to ensure that you still have the chance to kill. Killing players will earn you more points than killing AI-controlled enemies. The glad tidings? The only way to distinguish between them was based on their movement patterns.

The previously available third-person mode is now available as a separate playlist in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II. This means that players in FPS and Third Person modes will never meet. Playing Call of Duty in a third-person perspective creates a unique sensation in which you are now much more aware of your surroundings due to the expanded viewpoint. A system such as this also makes the action of performing hipfire with multiple types of weapons feel significantly more capable than it did when aiming was required. Undoubtedly, this is one of the coolest playlists in the multiplayer mode of this game.

The multiplayer mode of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II is able to accommodate your needs with these two types of maps, which also contain playing styles (outside of the cooperative mode, which we unfortunately did not find particularly engaging). You want to have fun quickly, experience something more tactical, or taste war on a grander scale.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II’s multiplayer mode, despite Infinity Ward’s best efforts to introduce new elements, is ultimately a Call of Duty multiplayer experience with a familiar vibe. No formula or innovation is so revolutionary that it feels novel. This is still a multiplayer game with the same distinct feeling, ready to re-addict you due to the simple fun it provides.

Obviously, this excitement stems from a variety of different sources. Using DualSense’s Adaptive Trigger and Haptic Feedback in the Playstation 5 version will optimize the sensations associated with each weapon you select and the modifications made during each battle. Every weapon you choose, from the rifle to the submachine gun to the shotgun, will provide a distinct sensation and sense of accomplishment when fired or hitting the target. This is the Call of Duty experience as it should be, complete with a variety of more potent items as rewards from Killstreaks and Perks that you can equip to your character.

Another source? Of course, you can enjoy a variety of map layouts in different game modes. Even though not all of them are our favorites, the majority of the maps in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II feel cool and exciting from both an aesthetic and a layout standpoint. The maps are always designed to provide so much maneuverability that no player has much time to survive in a single location, also known as camping. Our favorite map is “Santa Sena Border Crossing,” in which you battle on a long road lined with abandoned vehicles. Tastes like an iconic scene from the film Sicario, full of hiding places behind these cars, evoking a strategic need. Maps such as “Crown Raceway” and “Breenbergh Hotel” always lead to amusement.

Then the rest is mastering as best as possible the loadout of the weapon you are using. As with most of the Call of Duty series, the upgrade system and weapon levels are also built based on the frequency of use. The more often you use these weapons, the higher their level, the more attachments you can attach to make them even deadlier. How cool again? When you reach at least level 20, you can even do “fine tuning” to adjust the nature of each of these attachments to focus more on the status you want. The character level will also determine the weapon variant that you open later.

In the end, the feeling of addiction to tasting this multiplayer mode in the Playstation 5 version is also rooted in the fact that the process of balancing cross-play between console and PC gamers feels satisfying as it is the identity and reason why Call of Duty is so popular on consoles. With the help of an aim-assist that feels qualified, those of us who tasted it using DualSense can still compete quite well against gamers who enjoy it with Mouse + Keyboard. Most of your deaths will occur due to failure to shoot faster or end up being finished off from another direction. It’s rare for your situation to end up dead because your shot with the controller ends up being inaccurate and in the end, it actually causes frustration, for example.

But of course this experience is not perfect. Infinity Ward still needs to carry out a balancing process for several weapons that are designed in such a way as to be able to finish you off with one bullet from a considerable distance with the right attachments. It’s really an annoying experience when you meet players who use a strategy like this, especially when tasting a large map in Invasion mode which gives them more space to find a place to hide. Run and die just like that because you don’t know where the one deadly bullet came from, always ending up wanting to make us swear.


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II comes with a familiar multiplayer sensation but still offers the same excitement to the point, it will be enough to make you addicted. The sensation for each weapon is satisfying especially when combined with DualSense Playstation 5 is one of the main reasons, apart from liking the design of several maps, qualified aim-assist support for console gamers, and the progress of using weapons that always feels reliable. It still offers a fun multiplayer experience regardless of the lack of innovation injected.

But like most existing multiplayer games, it’s not perfect. It still sometimes leaves an experience full of frustration and wanting to swear, especially when battles that should be exciting end up being filled with “meta” weapons that can finish you off instantly, whether on a big or small map. Obviously he needs further balancing for weapons that are impossible to subdue at this close range, apart from the initial few bullets your rifle or SMG throws up. One of the solutions we thought of? Make the effective distance shorter.

But despite these shortcomings, combined with a campaign mode that has a new and unique approach, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II’s multiplayer mode leaves a positive contribution that makes its appeal increase. Despite such an overpowering sense of familiarity, it’s still fun ready to keep you coming back time and time again.

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