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(Last Updated On: May 24, 2023)

Billy 101 game review Action Adventure Casual & Indie Game developed by Nibb Games. Billy is a robot who grew weary of working on production lines and subsequently decided to destroy everything and everyone in order to make his own decisions.

Billy 101 main
Billy 101 main

Numerous individuals could empathize with Billy. He is a robot who is exhausted from laboring in a factory every day from nine to five. Consequently, he decides to give up and destroy everything. Now, that’s a bit extreme, but we’re confident that a few individuals concur with the underlying sentiment.

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Billy 101

Billy begins his pursuit of his objective with few abilities. He can leap, which is the bare minimum expected of a protagonist in a platformer. He also has a raygun, which is more appropriate, but he hasn’t brought any ammunition (thanks, Billy!). You must locate the ammunition, which is dispersed throughout the levels, before you can kill everyone.

Billy 101 gallery 2
Billy 101 gallery 2

By eliminating everyone, you can reach the exit portal. Then, you advance to the next of thirty levels of jumping, ammo-gathering, and murdering before reaching the final enemy and escaping oppression. Billy 101 is astonishingly straightforward.

The complication comes in the guise of downloadable upgrades every ten or so levels from a friendly computer. They are available in traditional flavors, such as the double-jump, as well as idiosyncratic flavors: a grapple allows you to pull crates toward you, and another has you teleport-dash across a brief distance.

Billy 101 gallery 3
Billy 101 gallery 3

With these new additions, the difficulty of the levels increases slightly. The teleport-dash can rapidly send you around the back of an enemy or through laser corridors. The grapple is the most versatile ability, as it can be used to pull a TNT or block onto the heads of some machines conversing below. Or perhaps you required those blocks to reach a higher platform. Billy 101 begins to demonstrate proficiency in platform puzzles.

Since you are receiving upgrades, so are your adversaries. You are confronted by kamikaze robots that force you to make a quick decision: will you flee or jump out of the way? Robots with rocket launchers discharge homing missiles at you, leaving you with fewer options. You will be running only. These missiles and exploding robots can be used to clear your own paths, thanks to friendly fire.

Billy 101 gallery 4
Billy 101 gallery 4

Billy 101 is initially presented as a minimalist action-platform game. It’s a Mega Man game with a single screen and a limited number of projectiles. Since you have no upgrades, the only puzzle you face is whether to assault a robot head-on or from behind. Finding the path that is least likely to result in annihilation is enjoyable.

If we are being entirely honest with ourselves, these levels do not provide much enjoyment. In action-platformer mode, Billy 101 reveals its limitations. It lacks the speed and reflexes necessary for this genre, and the levels are so simplistic that you will quickly become tired. Finding the enemy robot’s range and remaining out of it before firing a single volley into its chestplate is frequently the greatest challenge. It cannot be described as exciting.

Billy 101 is finest when it accepts its identity as a puzzle game. Using the grapple or hurry to safely navigate a room is an excellent solution to a problem. Crates, which were merely ornamentation in earlier portions of the game, become crucial: do you use them as steps or as a means of death from above? Billy 101 has the potential to be an excellent platform-puzzle game, and a few of its levels are excellent examples of discovering a solution and then implementing it.

Which makes it even more puzzling why Billy 101 consistently reverts to action-based levels. Instead of determining the optimal route, you are forced to avoid rocket adversaries and suicide bombers. Consequently, you are compelled to flee in order to complete the level.

These levels are not where Billy 101 excels, especially since we’ve played so many similar games that are superior. Billy 101 is not Metal Slug or Contra: it cannot expect to make gunplay or evasion enjoyable, and the unforgiving collision detection and sluggish speed make it more wooden than slick. On multiple occasions, we searched for a cunning solution to a level, only to sigh and conclude that dodging and rapid-fire shooting would have to suffice.

Billy 101 cannot make a decision. Either it is an action- or a puzzle-based platformer. We are yelling from the audience, urging it to choose the puzzle-platformer route, but it shrugs and seats down, refusing to make a decision. It’s a shame, because there’s a reasonable brainteaser here, and the grapple upgrade in its locker is ideal for some puzzles.

Billy 101 frequently opts for straightforward dodging and shooting, neither of which are particularly effective. Like Billy, we desired to demolish everything and start from scratch, refocusing on the puzzles that the game is perfectly capable of solving. Instead, Billy 101 is completely unremarkable and forgettable: merely another budget Xbox game rolling off the assembly line.

Billy 101: Billy is a robot who grew weary of working on production lines and subsequently decided to destroy everything and everyone in order to make his own decisions. kendajaya

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