Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: The Eight Most Important Game Improvements

(Last Updated On: May 3, 2023)

Both Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are far from offering a flawless gameplay experience. Here are the first required game fixes.

Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet are receiving negative reviews from fans. The Metacritic score is currently in the 70s and in the green, but this could change. As many issues as there are with these new games, there is also much to enjoy.

The new games Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet provide players with precisely what they desire. There is a vast, explorable world filled with numerous unique creatures. Like other aspects of the games, not all of them are winners, but they are still worth exploring. With a few updates, these Pokemon games could be incredible.

Additional Autobattle Option

Autobattle is a new mechanic introduced in Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet that allows one Pokemon on the field to fight as an AI companion. As great as the autobattle system is in these games, the battle system could be enhanced in other ways.

The turn-based combat has been in need of autobattle options for years. This series lags far behind the over a decade-old RPG fashion. Implementing one now would help to modernize these games.

Experience Upgrades

There is an additional issue with autobattle that resembles a monkey’s paw. The amount of experience gained from defeating a Pokemon in the field is significantly lower than in normal combat. The experience gained should be identical, but this is mathematically impossible. As has been the case since the beginning of the series, Pokémon stored in the boxes do not gain experience. This should be altered in these games so that these creatures reflect the player’s progress.

Speak Already About The Series

The anime adaptation of this series has existed nearly as long as the games. In multiple languages, Nintendo and Game Freak are familiar with an established voice cast. Why, then, are games held back by text conversations as if it were the early days of polygonal graphics on the N64?

Granted, Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet contain a large number of characters for which it would take a considerable amount of time to record audio. A patch for the games would require considerable time, but the developers should at least consider it for future titles.

Optional Quick-Forward

The fast-forward button frequently accompanies autobattle features in video games. Tactics Ogre: Reborn, a recent Switch RPG, features both an autobattle function and a method for accelerating battles.

Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet should provide players with the option of doubling or quadrupling their speed. A fast-forward button would also be useful for conversations. Relatedly, some cutscenes can be skipped, but they are few and far between; consequently, more segments should also have a skip button.

Disable Combat Animations

Since Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue debuted in North America in 1998, this series has come a surprising distance. The games are entertaining, with most of the primary mechanics feeling familiar, such as the emphasis on playing against different types.

With one exception, however, everything in these new games is now more streamlined. These games eliminated the option to disable battle animations, a longstanding feature. Please reinstate this option, as it speeds up battles and there is currently no fast-forward button.

Capture Pokemon Similar to Arceus in Pokemon Legends

One of the best features of Pokemon Legends: Arceus was the ability to capture Pokémon without engaging in battle. This accelerated the process of gathering these creatures. This game’s open world allowed players to see every Pokemon running around, which was also a significant advancement.

While Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet allow players to encounter Pokemon in the wild, the only way to capture them is through battle. It’s a shame, and it would be difficult to change that mechanic with a patch at this point. However, there is nothing wrong with wishing for the best.

Appoint Pokemon With Missions

The developers could employ an additional strategy to enhance the autobattle experience. They could devise a method for sending Pokemon on missions. This could also solve the issue of Pokemon being unable to gain experience while sitting in boxes.

Similar to how assassins were dispatched in Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, up to six Pokemon could be selected for small missions. This game is over a decade old at this point, and Nintendo and Game Freak could certainly improve upon its older gameplay mechanics. Teams of three can be assembled to eliminate Team Star, so the potential exists for more.

Accelerate Combat Transitions

Increasing the speed of these games should be the primary focus of the next few patches. In addition to the obvious changes of removing battle animations and adding fast-forward buttons, the developers could also shorten transitions into combat.

Even though Pokemon are running around in open fields, the transition to battle is still lengthy. The Pokemon yell, the players discard their party, battle options are selected, etc. Is there no way to disable these animations, or at least provide players with the option to do so?

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