Pokemon Scarlet and Violet show that inflation can’t hurt the Pokemon world.

(Last Updated On: May 3, 2023)

Even though there have been nine generations of Pokemon games, the Poke Ball is still sold for 200 Pokedollars in every region.

Even after nine generations of Pokemon games, including the most recent ones, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, many fans have noticed that the price of a standard Poke Ball has stayed at 200 Pokedollars in every region for over 25 years. The world of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet seems to be a very nice place to live based on the long list of benefits, such as free health care, gyms, and schools for everyone.

Since Pokemon Scarlet and Violet came out on Friday, they have been very popular and have taken over social media for many reasons. Fans were surprised by how bad the Generation 9 Pokemon games were when they came out because they had a lot of bugs and problems with how they worked. Even so, many players have said how much they like the new games, even though they have problems. Some fans have even said that Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are their favorite Pokemon games to date.

Several Pokemon enthusiasts in a Reddit thread created by TheJesterOfHyrule have pointed out that the prices for the majority of items in the Poke-Mart have remained the same for the past several years, even as players have embarked on ambitious journeys across the vast but questionably textured Paldea region. Fans are sure that inflation can’t hurt the Pokemon universe’s economy because it seems like every region uses the same universal currency and the price of things like Poke Balls hasn’t changed. Also, free healthcare for everyone, housing that is cheap and easy to find, cities that are good for the environment, and many other things set a standard that the real world should try to reach.

As ideal as life in the Pokemon universe may appear, it is safe to say that many aspects of it make little sense. For example, Pokemon fans have long pondered where all the non-trainer schools are, why most houses have fewer beds than residents, and, perhaps most importantly, why every Pokemon Center in the world employs the same staff.

Also, most fans will probably agree that the real world could do without all the bad groups trying to bring about the end of the world in the Pokemon universe. Fans who wish to travel with their own Pokemon will have to do so in a virtual space, despite the fact that the many diverse regions of the Pokemon universe may appear far more attractive than their real-world counterparts.

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