Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: How Pawmi is Like Other Clones of Pikachu

is the newest Pikachu-like Pokemon. It was introduced in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, and it is very different from the ones that came before it.

Scarlet and Violet deviate from many franchise norms, such as with the professors. But some things have stayed the same, like the fact that each generation gets a new Pikachu copy. This time around, players receive Pawmi, an orange, quadrupedal rodent that can stand on its hind legs on occasion. Pawmi, unlike the majority of Pikachu clones, is capable of evolving. It eventually evolves into Pawmot, a fluffy electric/fighting-Type rodent, after being accompanied by it for an extended period.

Pawmi is a Pikachu clone used by Pokemon Scarlet and Violet to demonstrate a new evolution mechanism, making it a memorable Pikachu clone. It is significantly more adorable than previous Pikachu clones, which should encourage trainers to keep it on their team. It is also relatively simple to locate in Paldea.

– Pokemon Gold and Silver

Arguably, the first Pikachu clone is the most intriguing. Some fans refer to Marill as Pikablu; it is a round, mouse-like Pokémon that was originally a Water-Type before evolving into a Water/Fairy Dual-Type. It has become a fan favorite due to its cuteness and its role as Tracey’s Pokémon in the anime series. It is frequently observed bounding on its tail, which ends in a round ball. It also has an interesting backstory due to the fact that it was leaked prior to the release of Pokemon Gold and Silver, allowing players to see early versions of the creature. This allowed players to learn that its original color was pink and its tail was not zigzag-shaped. Both Pawmi and Marill are adorable creatures, but Marill is more attractive than the yellow rodent.

The Pokemon Minun and Plusle from Ruby and Sapphire.

Ruby and Sapphire deviated from convention by including two Pikachu clones, Minun and Plusle. These adorable rodents are based on batteries, with Minun’s negatively charged ears having blue tips and Plusle’s positively charged ears having red tips. According to the Pokedex, these Electric-Type Pokémon enjoy cheering on their teammates, and they can create pom-poms out of electricity to encourage their teammates. Although these cheerleaders are adorable, there is nothing particularly unique about them, and their designs are rather plain, so Pawmi may be the more intriguing Pokémon. Pawmi also has an evolved form, giving players additional incentive to spend time with it.

Pachirisu from Pokemon Diamond and Pearl – Pachirisu

In Diamond and Pearl, another Electric-type Pikachu clone is introduced. Similar to Minun and Plusle, Pachirisu doesn’t possess a great deal of distinction. It has white fur with a blue stripe that runs down its back. The Pokemon also resembles a squirrel due to its bushy tail. Similar to Pikachu, it has circular patches on its cheeks that conduct electricity. Dawn captures a Pachirisu in the anime series. This Pokemon lacks any distinguishing characteristics, so Pawmi is the superior choice, although the shiny Pachirisu with a pink stripe is difficult to pass up.

Emolga from Pokemon Black and White

Emolga resembles a flying squirrel and is a small Electric/Flying Pokémon. It possesses a round face, black ears, and yellow cheek patches. It also glides between trees using the yellow membrane between its legs and arms. Emolga is a competitively viable Pokémon due to its Typing, despite its relatively low base stats. Emolga stands out among Pikachu clones due to its distinct appearance, and whether Trainers prefer it or Pawmi depends on personal preference.

Pokemon X and Y – Dedenne

Pokemon X and Y, released in 2013, take players to the French-inspired Kalos region. Exploring may lead to the discovery of Dedenne, the generation’s Pikachu clone. Dedenne is an Electric/Fairy Pokémon that resembles an orange, spherical mouse. The red electric patches on the animal’s cheeks emit black whiskers. According to its Pokedex entry, it transmits radio waves and communicates with other Dedenne using its whiskers. The Pokémon resembles a squashed version of Pawmi due to their similar orange coloring. Again, player preference will determine which design is preferred.

Togedemaru from Sun and Moon Pokemon

Pokemon Sun and Moon introduce another round Pikachu clone. Togedemaru is a steel/electric Pokémon. It has a white front and a gray back with brown and yellow triangular markings. The Pokedex describes it as a “rolly-poly Pokemon” that cannot stop rolling once it begins. Its type makes it extremely vulnerable to ground-type moves, so players should keep this in mind if they intend to add it to their team. Although Togedemaru is cute, other Pokemon clones such as Marill, Dedenne, and Pawmi are cuter. However, its Electric/Steel typing distinguishes it as a unique Pokemon clone.

Pokemon Sword and Shield – Morpeko

Morpeko is one of the most intriguing Pikachu clones. It is a dual-type Electric/Dark Pokémon. It initially enters combat in Full Belly mode, resembling a contented rodent with golden fur. Additionally, it can transform into Hangry Mode, which is black and purple. According to the Pokedex, the Pokémon commits a variety of criminal acts until its hunger is satisfied. Morpeko is one of the few Pikachu clones that may have a better design and backstory than Pawmi, owing to the fact that its appearance drastically alters depending on how full its stomach is.

A few Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet are inspired by creatures from previous generations, but not all of them are clones. Regional variants serve as illustrations of convergent evolution. Diglett evolves into Wiglett, a white, worm-like creature that buries itself in the sand when it senses danger, while Tentacool evolves into Toedscool, a Grass/Ground Pokémon that lives in humid forests.

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