Pokemon Is Offering Actual Slowpoke Furniture

The Pokemon Company collaborates with a sofa manufacturer to create a sofa inspired by the Water/Psychic Pokemon Slowpoke.

Slowpoke Sofa Pokemon

The company continues to offer new merchandise, including a sofa based on the design of the Water- and Psychic-type Slowpoke, despite all the publicity surrounding the upcoming release of and . It would likely be a plus for Slowpoke fans to have the adorable sofa in their own homes, given its recognizable design and features.

Slowpoke, one of the most popular Gen 1 Pokemon from the Kanto region, has frequently appeared in marketing materials for the Pokemon franchise. In 2021, a mailbox based on the Water/Psychic-type was manufactured in Japan, and Slowpoke-themed manhole covers can be found in certain regions. Given the Pokemon’s continued presence in recent games like Pokemon Sword and Shield, it is not surprising that The Pokemon Company would use its likeness to create more official products and merchandise.

The Pokemon Company recently announced that a Slowpoke-themed sofa is now available for purchase, in partnership with Japanese furniture brand Cellutane. The sofa’s design may be recognizable to avid Pokemon fans, as Cellutane is the same furniture manufacturer that has produced sofas based on Ditto, Snorlax, Gengar, and Rowlet. This time, however, Cellutane’s attention is on Slowpoke, and the brand has transformed the Water/Psychic-type into a real, usable soft-bead sofa. The website indicates that the piece of furniture weighs approximately 8.75kg and measures 92 cm in length, 101 cm in width, and 72 cm in height.

Fans will need approximately $201 USD or 28,400 yen to purchase the Slowpoke sofa. The piece of furniture can be purchased from the online store of Cellutane and will be shipped in two pieces. However, the shop is only available in Japan, as are the majority of official Pokemon products and merchandise. Unfortunately, there is no information regarding international shipping of Cellutane. Fans may have to wait until The Pokemon Company distributes the item outside of Japan or use a proxy shopping service to obtain the sofa.

However, being able to say that they purchased and own a Pokemon-themed piece of furniture is certainly something a fan can boast about, especially if it depicts their favorite pocket monster. Hopefully, the Pokemon fanbase will inform The Pokemon Company of their desire for the Slowpoke-themed soft-bead sofa, and the company will decide to export more of its official merchandise outside of Japan.

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