Persona 5 Royal Review on Steam for PC – Masterpiece Refined!

is now playable on PCs, fulfilling the hopes of gamers who use PCs as their primary gaming platform. improved the game’s polish to make it more enjoyable to play on a platform that is considered to be more powerful than the console.

What are the benefits of Persona 5 Royal on PC versus consoles? If you haven’t had the opportunity to try it yet, we will share your thoughts through this review. Let’s see!

Only Available On PC

On PC, Persona 5 Royal can run at 120 frames per second, which made me want to try it. I tested it using a monitor with a refresh rate of 144 Hz. Turn-based games such as Persona 5 Royal do not benefit from a high frame rate. I think, though, that the game is more slick, smooth, and responsive, which makes it perfect for a visual game like Persona 5.

There are also additional options, such as the lowest possible resolution of 640 x 480, which can be reduced further via a rendering scale that ranges from 50% to 200%. Here, graphic presets can be adjusted from Low to Middle to High. It is possible to configure Shadow, Depth of Field, Brightness, and Anti-Aliasing. I believe your potato PC can run this game with the lowest settings possible.

In comparison to other PC games, I believe this one has fewer options, such as the absence of AI Upscaling and AMD FSR features. Because if this feature exists, potato PC users may be able to play this game at more than 60 FPS, despite the fact that there is no pressing need to do so.

Aside from that, I do not perceive any distinction between the Low and High settings. All the textures, shadows, particles, and effects appear identical. Playing with the best graphics and achieving 60 FPS on a low-end PC is therefore very simple. Obviously, this is an advantage for the PC version, as the PS4 version only supports 1080p resolution and 30 frames per second.

In addition to the master volume, players can independently adjust the volume of dialogue and background music (BGM), which is a feature exclusive to PCs.
The PC version weighs in at approximately 39GB. I confirmed that the PlayStation 5 version is 31 GB in size. A further advantage of this “remastered” edition is that the price includes all previously released DLC for the game, such as costumes and in-game items.

However, There Are A Few Errors

Persona 5 Royal ran very smoothly on the PC I used to play it, which was quite powerful. No stuttering or lag. I consistently achieve 120 FPS, even in densely populated areas or when using Persona animations. However, I discovered several bugs in this game.

For instance, when I enter a particular room, I sometimes encounter a black, blank screen. To circumvent this, I must reset the game and attempt to log in again. then the issue is resolved. However, it can be annoying when I forget to save and must start over.

The other bugs are relatively unimportant, merely a visual flaw. For instance, the position of a character that occasionally penetrates particular objects.

Use a Better Gamepad

This game also supports DualSense (possibly including DualShock 4), even though it does not make use of DualSense’s various features. Here, neither Adaptive Trigger nor Haptic Feedback are available. Normal vibration when attacked by an opponent. It would be preferable if it supported haptic feedback when performing an All-Out Attack or being Critical.

When I plugged in DualSense as a controller, the image of the buttons immediately matched those on the PlayStation. This is the only positive aspect of the gamepad support. So you will no longer see the Xbox button when using a PlayStation controller.

As a PC game, it goes without saying that Persona 5 Royal will support keyboard and mouse controls. However, we feel that the default key bindings are very crowded and require a great deal of time to memorize, so we believe that playing with a gamepad will be optimal.


If asked whether purchasing Persona 5 Royal for PC is worthwhile, I would respond emphatically in the affirmative. The primary reason is, of course, that gamers will receive quality that matches or even surpasses that of PlayStation 5 with various settings adjustments. The ported quality is also high, and the game can be played on a low-end PC.

Those who have already experienced Persona 5 Royal can receive additional benefits if they wish to play it repeatedly, such as smoother, flashier, and more responsive image quality or animation. Everything is playable on a PC with a 120 FPS framerate as its primary advantage, although it must be acknowledged that this is not really required in turn-based games.

Persona 5 Royal is accessible on all major platforms, including PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch, and Steam for PC. For more information, you can visit the official website by clicking HERE.

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