One Piece 1080 : Zoro’s Final Battle, Revenge Against Admiral Kizaru Going Smoothly

(Last Updated On: April 3, 2023)

One Piece chapter 1080 will likely be the final battle for the Straw Hat pirates on Egghead Island with the arrival of the World Government and Blackbeard’s crew.

Of the various predictions that will occur in One Piece chapter 1080, they discuss the battle between Zoro and Admiral Kizaru, which will be a revenge event for the incident on Sabaody Island.

Eiichiro Oda has confirmed in several chapters before One Piece 1080 that Admiral Kizaru leads the Marine war fleet and intends to capture Luffy and all the crew of the Straw Hat Pirates.

Even Admiral Kizaru brought all the strongest troops owned by the Marines to catch Luffy so it is likely that there will be a big war between the pirates and the Marines.

As the vice-captain of Luffy and also having a grudge against Kizaru’s treatment on Sabaody Island, Zoro will be the strongest opponent the Admiral will face.

While in Sabaody, Zoro was almost killed because he wasn’t strong enough to fight an Admiral like Kizaru.

Zoro has already fought several Seraphim, so his fight with Kizaru will be the closing of the Wano arc. Where he has to beat the Marine Admiral.

Zoro’s strength after the time skip will no longer be doubted, even with this ability he can fight with an Admiral.

Where previously he had succeeded in defeating one of Kaido’s Yonkou commanders, King.

Because he defeated King, Zoro became the first character in One Piece, where Eiichiro Oda managed to defeat the Lunarian race, which is known to be very strong.

Even though Zoro has become stronger than before the time skip, the ability of an Admiral like Kizaru cannot be underestimated because he has also become stronger than before.

If Zoro manages to defeat Kizaru in the last fight at Egghead, then his revenge plan against the Admiral is going well.

Kizaru’s defeat can certainly create chaos among the Marines, because he is known as an Admiral who is quite strong and will not be able to be defeated easily.

But if Zoro doesn’t manage to beat Kizaru in that battle then Luffy’s life will be threatened because the Admiral from the beginning wanted to set foot on Egghead Island to catch Luffy.

With the power of Pika Pika no Mi Kizaru is almost impossible to beat, this can also be realized if he manages to awaken the power.

Therefore, Zoro should have defeated Admiral Kizaru so that all the Straw Hat pirate crew could be saved, including Luffy, who seemed to have to face a Gorosei like Saturn. ***

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