One Piece 1079: Kurohige Get 3 Devil Fruits

(Last Updated On: May 12, 2023)

After defeating Kid in One Piece 1079, now Shanks is seen targeting Blackbeard after the battle.

Kurohinge devil fruit
Kurohinge devil fruit

Until One Piece chapter 1080, Blackbeard’s whereabouts were not known for certain after the fight in the Beehive.

But even if you have to face Shanks, Blackbeard is ready.

This was what Blackbeard planned before actually fighting Shanks.

Kurohige was once challenged by Shanks to fight but he didn’t respond to Shanks’ challenge at that time.

As we know, Blackbeard is known to be quite cunning when fighting his enemies.

So it’s not impossible that right now he is preparing a plan before fighting Shanks.

When the time comes, there’s no need for Shanks to bother looking for him because Blackbeard will definitely be looking for him.

The existence of the Road Poneglyph that each Yonko has will be the reason for their meeting to fight.

Blackbeard’s current strength still relies on the two devil fruits that he can use at the same time.

Blackbeard has the Yumi Yumi no Mi which is known as the strongest Logia type devil fruit which is very terrible.

This devil fruit can not only manipulate but also neutralize the opponent’s devil fruit.

This power can weaken opponents who fight with it.

Apart from being unique, this devil fruit can create the element of darkness and does not have the properties of other Logias.

Blackbeard is capable of wielding other Logia users without using Haki.

Then with the Gura Gura no Mi devil fruit, Blackbeard once issued the Gura Gura no Mi devil fruit from Shirohige.

Most likely if the power of Yumi Yumi no Mi will be greater if it is in the dark.

But what is most anticipated is that it is likely that Blackbeard is intending to find another type of devil fruit.

Although we don’t know for sure what kind of devil fruit he can make his third devil fruit.

The union of these three devil fruits will make his strength even more extraordinary than before.

You can imagine how powerful the power of a user of three devil fruits is.

If even one devil fruit is considered extraordinary, you can imagine how powerful three devil fruits are.

This is the moment Blackbeard has been waiting for before finally actually fighting Shanks.

Shanks’ resistance was no longer as simple as when he defeated Kid.

Blackbeard’s Triple Awakening will be a suitable strength to face Shanks.

This is where we will see the peak power of three devil fruit users who will face the best Haki master.

What next? We’ll see the results later.

Disclaimer: This article is made for entertainment, what is discussed this time is not official, this could be true or vice versa.

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