One More Step to Laugh Tale, Akagami Pirates Slaughter Entire Crew and Captain Kid. Poneglyph Changing Hands

(Last Updated On: February 27, 2023)

Manga One Piece 1077 displays a fierce battle.

The Akagami pirates don’t want to show mercy to Captain Kid and the nakama.

That’s because when the Kid pirates arrived on Elbaf Island, they were surprised by the presence of the Akagami fleet on the coast of Elbaf.

Shanks & Shanks & Elbaf

It turned out that Shanks and his large fleet were already on Elbaf Island.

Even in chapter 1075 Shanks and his fleet captains are seen sitting drinking with the giants of Elbaf.

Captain Kid’s carelessness in attacking several ships from Akagami’s large fleet was leaked.

Rockstar immediately conveyed information about the Kid’s attack to Shanks.

But interestingly, after knowing this information, Shanks and his captains actually laughed and looked relaxed in response to this.

This is in accordance with the facts that Eiichiro Oda has shown so far about the Akagami pirates who love peace.

But apparently, Shanks’ response, which seemed to be joking, turned out to be a deadly means.

Why is that?

Because at the same time, Shanks asked the giant Elbaf warriors to help him in taking care of the problems that occurred.

And the Elbaf giants happily accepted Shanks’ request.

And you can see the movements of the entire Akagami crew and the Elbaf giants walking towards Elbaf beach.

When they arrived at the coast, they without being ordered to immediately move to immobilize the crew of Captain Kid’s pirates.

Kid who was shocked at the strength of the Akagami pirates who could be said to be on par with the captain, was unable to act more on the battle.

As if they were toys for the Akagami crew, Captain Kid’s crew fell one by one.

Shanks also knew the news about the Supernovas who defeated Yonkou Kaido and Big Mom at Wano.

Immediately asked about a copy of Poneglyph to Kid, but Kid kept insisting not to give it.

Until in the end Shanks cut captain Kid’s hand without the slightest doubt.

From there it was also revealed that the incident that caused Kid’s hand to be cut off was caused by one of the captains of the Akagami pirates.

And the big accusation was directed at the figure of vice-captain Benn Beckman. ***

Disclaimer: This post is made for entertainment purposes. And it doesn’t mean to precede the story made by Eiichiro Oda.

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