On February 22nd, Resident Evil Village VR game mode will be available as free DLC for Resident Evil 7.

On February 22, when the VR2 comes out, you can get the virtual reality for Resident Evil Village as free DLC.

If you already own Resident Evil Village on PlayStation 5, you can get it for free if you also own PlayStation VR2.

Resident Evil Village will have a new feature called VR mode. This mode will allow players to play the game in a different way than usual.

Players in “Street Fighter IV” take on the role of Ryu, a young martial artist training to be the next world champion. Ryu’s life is turned upside down when he meets the beautiful and mysterious Chun-Li, and the two join forces to fight Shadaloo, an evil organization that seeks to rule the world.

Because it has more advanced features, PlayStation VR2 outperforms the original PlayStation VR.

When you’re in VR Mode, the 4K HDR display, eye tracking, and 3D audio enhance the Resident Evil Village experience.

You can enter a detailed village atmosphere in virtual reality, where you will feel like a dwarf among other larger-than-life characters and creatures.

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