[News] When Will There Be Another Steam Sale in 2018?

It can be difficult to predict the next Steam Sale. We just had the Steam Halloween Sale, so many people would assume that the Steam Christmas – or Steam Winter – Sale would follow. However, that is unlikely because the massive US holiday of Thanksgiving stands in the way.

Valve hasn’t had a Steam Thanksgiving Sale before, probably because its customers are all over the world. However, it does have a Steam Autumn Sale around the same time as Thanksgiving.

This means that the next Steam Sale will most likely take place during the week of Thanksgiving, on Monday, November 19th. If it does happen on Thanksgiving, it will most likely last a week, from Thursday, November 22 to Thursday, November 29. This would also mean that the Steam Autumn Sale goes on through Black Friday weekend, which is a time when many consumer goods are sold at steep discounts.

Valve has not confirmed whether or not it will hold a Steam Autumn Sale, nor when it will take place, but that is our educated guess for when the next Steam Sale will take place.

What exactly is the Steam Sale?

Valve Corporation created Steam, which is a “digital distribution platform.” It sells games to developers while also providing installation and automatic updates, community features, and in-game chat tools.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Steam Sale concept, here’s a rundown: Every year, the PC gaming portal Steam holds a number of sales. These are keystone events in the calendar for those who buy and play computer games; a time when the latest and greatest titles receive significant price cuts.

The platform has a habit of launching sales on short notice.

The top Steam Sale titles

The best Steam Sale games are frequently promoted on Steam’s homepage, but there is a handy third-party filtering tool to help you find hidden gems. The site, called Steamdb, displays all of the best Steam Sale deals not only during each seasonal Steam Sale, but also throughout the year.

Filtering options for price, discount percentage, and rating percentage can be found at the top of the page. You can also choose to display only new discounts, , or any games you already own. You’ll need to sign in with your Steam account for the latter.

You can also filter by game type, category, and operating system, as well as user tag and currency. If you change any of these filters, you must reload the page (you will be prompted to do so) for the changes to be reflected in the list.

After you’ve filtered the results, you’ll see the name of the game, the discount percentage, the price, the rating, when the discount or deal expires, when it began, and when the game was released. You can also look for games to play.

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