[News] Genshin Impact Gameplay Leak Reveals New TCG Genius Invocation

A new Genshin Impact reveals the gameplay for Genius Invokation, a new TCG mode confirmed to arrive in version 3.3.

A new Genshin Impact video shows how the upcoming TCG mode Genius Invokation will be played. This mode is expected to come with the next update. Developer HoYoverse has already said that Wanderer, a five-star Anemo user, and Faruzan, a four-star Cryo support, will be added to the roster in the next update.

Genshin Impact Gameplay Leak Reveals New TCG Genius Invocation

The Genshin Impact version 3.1 Special Program event was the first time the new TCG mode was talked about. Since then, HoYoverse’s developers have not divulged a great deal of official information about this game mode, other than announcing its arrival in update 3.3, which, according to their usual update schedule, should be released in the first half of December.

A new post on the popular subreddit Genshin Impact Leaks gives more details about the Genius Invokation game mode. Each deck has three characters and 27 other cards, such as events, equipment, artifacts, support cards, and actions. Once the game begins, players can choose an active character who can attack and take damage, but it should be noted that this character can be replaced later on. After selecting an active character, players must roll eight elemental dice to determine the playable character’s element.

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Each character has a unique elemental skill and burst that can be played using the corresponding elemental dice, just as they do outside of the TCG mode. Most of the time, elemental bursts are much stronger and need more energy, which can be gotten by using certain support cards. Previous leaks suggest that the elemental dice will have a big effect on what a player can do during his or her turn or round.

A round is made up of several turns, and it ends when all of the players have used all of their dice or declare that the round is over. A player can win a game of Genius Invokation by defeating all three of their opponent’s active characters. However, it should be noted that players can also choose to have only one or two of these characters active. Multiple NPCs will be dispersed throughout Teyvat, awaiting their battle against the Traveler, according to HoYovers’s live stream event.

According to the comment section, fans are ecstatic about the new TCG mode because it solves one of Genshin Impact’s biggest issues: a lack of end-game content. The resin-based system of the game does not permit players to continuously farm for ascension materials or artifacts.

Genshin Impact is currently available on , PS4, PS5, and mobile platforms. A version for Switch is in development.

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