[News] Final Fantasy: Top 10 Best Couples, Ranked

Characters in Final Fantasy are consistently memorable, and sometimes the best things come in pairs.

The Final Fantasy series contains some of the greatest video game characters in history. Each entry has a unique group of characters whose interactions with their surroundings and the people they meet add depth to the stories as a whole. It’s cute to watch them explore a world, but the most interesting thing about the game they’re in is usually seeing them get close to someone.

Final Fantasy: Top 10 Best Couples, Ranked

It is typical for the Final Fantasy series to include duos in its narratives. Some character pairings work due to their similar perspectives and personalities, while others work even better due to their dissimilarity. Numerous duos have appeared throughout the series, but only a handful stand out.

Palom & Porom (Final Fantasy 4)

The protagonist of Final Fantasy 4 is Cecil, whose mission is to rid the world of a terrible evil. After arriving in Mystidia, he realizes he must abandon his Dark Knight ways and become a Paladin. Before he sets out to accomplish this, two sorcerers offer to accompany him.

Palom and Porom are virtually identical twins who possess tremendous power. As children, they began training to become sorcerers and have since learned a great deal about how to wield magic. Palom is an expert in Black Magic while Porom specializes in White, making them essential companions for Cecil’s journey.

Zorn and Thorn (Final Fantasy 9)

Zorn and Thorn are Final Fantasy 9’s equivalent to Tweedledee and Tweedledum in that they have identical appearances and speak in rhymes. Despite the fact that they appear to be simple jesters, they play a crucial role in the overall narrative.

Zorn and Thorn are queen Brahne’s servants. Brahne orders the eccentric duo to scour the globe in search of Garnet after she eludes capture in Alexandria. They spend the remainder of the hunting down the party until they achieve their objective.

Schatten und Interceptor (Final Fantasy 6)

At the beginning of their adventure, Terra and her companions meet Shadow and his obedient Alsatian, Interceptor. Shadow warns the party that Interceptor “eats strangers” when approached, prompting them to seek assistance elsewhere.

Shadow later returns to offer his services to Terra, providing a brief glimpse into his assassination career. Shadow abandoned his family and friends in order to ensure his survival, but Interceptor refused to abandon him. They spend the majority of the story collaborating to stop Kefka, until Shadow finally accepts his fate and orders Interceptor to flee.

The characters Prompto and Aranea (Final Fantasy 15: Episode Prompto)

Prompto and Aranea are one of the most surprising and captivating duos in the entirety of the Final Fantasy series. They initially encounter one another on opposing sides, but Aranea’s decision to leave Niflheim’s military allows a friendship to develop.

After becoming separated from his companions, Prompto is apprehended and transported to a magitek production facility. While attempting to flee, he encounters Aranea, but this time they have the same objective. Aranea is initially hesitant, but she eventually sympathizes with Prompto’s struggles and views him as a friend. Together, they destroy Verstael and eliminate a major threat from the world.

Rinoa & Angelo (Final Fantasy 8)

Though many argue Rinoa and Squall make a better pair, it’s impossible to ignore the bond between Rinoa and Angelo, her loyal dog. Angelo is arguably the most loyal dog in the entirety of Final Fantasy. She becomes visibly distressed when separated from her owner, but her joy upon reuniting with her makes up for it.

Angelo is one of the few dogs who would allow their owner to fire them like a rocket at a group of monsters. Rinoa and Angelo have a profound affection for one another, and although Angelo is not always visible, Rinoa only needs to call for her to appear.

Cloud & Barret (Final Fantasy 7: Remake)

In the opening of Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Cloud and Barret are depicted as two very distinct characters: Cloud is a mercenary, while Barret seeks to change the world. Throughout their time together, they have numerous conflicts, but they gradually learn to respect one another’s ways.

Cloud’s disposition begins to change after learning of Sephiroth’s return. He concludes that Barret’s pursuit is an honorable one and joins his cause. They may begin as adversaries, but they become the most lovable duo in Final Fantasy 7.

Gilgamesh & Enkidu (Final Fantasy 12)

Gilgamesh and his loyal companion Enkidu have appeared in numerous forms throughout the Final Fantasy series, but none have been as iconic as their Final Fantasy 12 incarnation. Unfortunately, only the most devoted hunters will encounter this pair during their travels, as doing so is not required to advance the main story.

Since their debut in Final Fantasy 5, Gilgamesh and Enkidu have traversed countless galaxies in search of the universe’s most potent weapons. Gilgamesh is fixated on acquiring these legendary swords, whereas Enkidu appears to be merely along for the ride. Despite their divergent motivations, they are one of the most iconic pairings in Final Fantasy.

Both Sephiroth and Jenova (Final Fantasy 7)

Most Final Fantasy 7 fans consider Sephiroth to be the game’s most dangerous foe, but he could not have caused the destruction he did without Jenova, the so-called “calamity from the skies.” This being manipulates Sephiroth for the majority of his screen time, and he ultimately becomes her pawn.

Despite the fact that Sephiroth and Jenova are rarely seen together, they are never far apart. Throughout Cloud’s quest to prevent Sephiroth from conjuring Meteor, he encounters incarnations of Jenova left in the swordsman’s wake.

Tidus & Wakka (Final Fantasy 10)

Tidus is abducted at the beginning of Final Fantasy 10 by an otherworldly creature named Sin. Eventually, he arrives at Besaid Island, a lush tropical paradise teeming with life. Upon arriving at the island’s shore, he meets a man named Wakka with whom he forms an instant connection.

Wakka is the captain of the Besaid Aurochs, despite never having won a game. To remedy this, he offers Tidus the opportunity to travel with him across Spira, provided Tidus joins his team. Tidus and Wakka begin their journey as teammates, but ultimately develop into close friends.

Fran & Balthier (Final Fantasy 12)

Fran and Balthier are sky pirates who spend their days searching for treasure in the far reaches of Ivalice. They are first encountered during Vaan’s attempt to infiltrate the Royal Palace of Rabanastre, during which they attempt to convince the young thief to part with a piece of Magicite.

They are initially portrayed as minor antagonists, but upon joining the party, they demonstrate their nobility. Balthier and Fran share a similar background; they were both abandoned and forced to fend for themselves in the world. Their shared experiences make them a truly captivating duo.

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