[News] Every Paradox Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet that has Leaked

(Last Updated On: May 4, 2023)

In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, there will be a new set of creatures known as Paradox Pokemon, with 16 of them being included in the base game and three being exclusive.

[News] Every Paradox Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet that has Leaked

The launch of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is officially a week away, and players who pre-ordered digital copies of the Generation 9 games can now begin preloading. Despite the fact that the games were initially announced in February, The Pokemon Company did not reveal much about Pokemon Scarlet and Violet during the usual cycle, but fans who have been keeping up with leaks may already know everything there is to know about the games. Generation 9 wore its themes of the past versus the future on its sleeve from the get-go, and a significant portion of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are Paradox Pokemon, which shouldn’t exist.

The “ancient” and “future” forms of Paradox Donphan were shown for the first time in the last trailer for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, giving players their first look at this new Generation 9 trick. There are sixteen paradox Pokemon in the base game, including Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s Koraidon and Miraidon, which appear to be part of this group despite being the box legendaries for this generation. As for the remaining 14, they are separated into two groups of seven and are exclusive to their respective game versions.

Pokémon Scarlet: Contradiction Donphan, the Large Tusk

Paradox Donphan, Great Tusk

Great Tusk is the officially revealed Donphan Paradox form exclusive to Pokemon Scarlet, and it will be the franchise’s first Ground/Fighting pocket monster. It is one of the game’s bosses in the Path of Legends plot, which follows Arven’s search for the Herba Mystica.

Paradox Amoongus, Brute Bonnet are the Pokemon in Scarlet.

Paradox Amoongus, Brute Bonnet

Because the type combinations of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are inconsistent, Paradox Amoongus is the third new Grass/Dark Pokemon in Generation 9, joining a sub-Legendary and Sprigatito’s evolution, Meowscarada. With some additions, it will retain the majority of the base form’s move pool.

The Scarlet Pokemon Paradox Magneton and Sandy Shocks.

Paradox Magneton, Sandy Shocks

Magneton received a Paradox form instead of its final evolution, allowing it to become a bipedal creature with the aid of its elongated magnet legs. Sandy Shocks is both an Electric and Ground-type Pokémon, giving it a formidable offensive combination.

Paradox Jigglypuff and Scream Tail are the only Pokémon in Scarlet.

Paradox Jigglypuff, Scream Tail

Jigglypuff, which loses its Normal type in favor of Psychic, is an additional intriguing candidate for Scarlet’s Paradox Pokemon. This creature’s appearance resembles that of the Hisuian Zoroark, whose long, pink-tipped hair appears to have been inspired by that of this creature.

Pokemon Scarlet: Paradox Misdreavus, Flutter Mane

Paradox Misdreavus, Flutter Mane

Flutter Mane retains many of Misdreavus’s existing traits, but improves upon them. This is due to the fact that Flutter Mane doesn’t alter significantly compared to other Paradox Pokemon. This creature is a hybrid of Ghosts and Fairies, a powerful combination.

Pokémon Scarlet: Contradiction Volcarona, Snail-Wing

Paradox Volcarona, Slither Wing

Volcarona, along with Donphan, is one of the only two Pokemon species with two Paradox forms, completely transforming in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. In Pokemon Scarlet, Slither Wing has lost its Fire type, becoming a Bug and Fighting pocket monster.

Pokemon Scarlet: Paradox Salamence, Roaring Moon Roaring Moon, which is Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s Paradox Salamence, is arguably the fan-favorite of the group, as the regular form of this Pokemon is very popular for a number of reasons, and seems to be the most powerful of all of Pokemon Scarlet’s Paradox creatures, being Dark and Dragon-type.

Pokemon Violet possesses Paradox Donphan and Iron Treads.

Iron Treads is the future version of Paradox Donphan, and it delves significantly deeper into the design philosophy of Miraidon, as its eyes appear to be displayed on a screen that replaces its face. This Pokemon is a hybrid of Ground and Steel, making it a formidable offensive and defensive opponent.

Pokemon Violet: Paradox Volcarona, Iron Moth

Volcarona is a prime example of the differences between Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s Paradox Pokemon, similar to what Game Freak did with Paradox Donphan. It retains its Fire type but loses its Bug type, gaining Poison as its secondary type. It appears to be a type of solar-powered weapon, as its design contains numerous technological elements.

Pokemon Violet: Paradox Hariyama, Iron Hands

Hariyama has a very interesting appearance due to the fact that it also has digital eyes, losing its arms but retaining its large hands, which are possibly even larger in this case. Iron Hands is the first Electric/Fighting Pokémon, along with Pawmi’s final evolution.

Paradox Hydreigon and Iron Jugulis are the Pokemon featured in Violet.

With neon colors and a more robot-like appearance, Paradox Hydreigon challenges the status quo of its base form, though to a lesser extent than other Pokemon Violet-exclusive Paradox forms. It is a creature of the Dark and Flying types, losing its Dragon type.

Pokemon Violet: Paradox Tyranitar, Iron Needles

Iron Thorns is a creature that resembles Tyranitar, its base form, and is arguably a fan favorite alongside Roaring Moon. This Paradox Pokemon loses its Dark type and gains the Electric type. Now it has metallic armor and neon-colored spikes on its back.

Pokemon Violet: Paradox Delibird, Iron Bundle

With its newfound Ice/Water type combination, Delibird, a Pokemon that is typically underutilized in mainline games, may now find a significant role. Iron Bundle resembles a robot rather than a bird, but its new design is intriguing enough to merit a new form.

Pokemon Violet: Paradox Gallade/Gardevoir, Iron Valiant

Similar to Paradox Salamence, this Pokemon is the most powerful Paradox Pokémon in its own category, this time for Pokemon Violet. Iron Valiant’s appearance appears to be the result of combining key characteristics of Gallade and Gardevoir, which is also reflected in its type combination as the first-ever Fairy/Fighting Pokémon, having lost Psychic from both base forms.

The third legendary Pokémon of Paradox Suicune, Virizion, and Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have additional Paradox Pokémon that have been leaked along the way, but these are rumored to not be included in the base game and will instead be made available through DLC. Paradox Suicune appears to be the union of the three Legendary beasts from Generation 2, while Paradox Virizion is the union of the three Swords of Justice from Generation 5.

The third Legendary Pokémon of Scarlet and Violet is an entirely different creature, and its appearance appears to be based on a decorative egg. According to the leaks, this Pokemon is responsible for all Paradox Pokemon and the Terastallization phenomenon, or is at least connected to them.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet release on Nintendo Switch on November 18.

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