[News] Announcement of the Scarlet and Violet Ichiban Kuji Prize Lottery

A new Pokemon Scarlet and Ichiban Kuji prize lottery is now available, bringing with it an assortment of charming Pokemon accessories and furnishings.

A Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Ichiban Kuji prize game has been announced, offering the chance to win adorable Pokemon Scarlet and Violet prizes at a low cost. The lottery system frequently honors popular video games and anime with a series of merch that players can attempt to win.

Announcement of the Scarlet and Violet Ichiban Kuji Prize Lottery

In Japan, Ichiban Kuji is a lottery prize system that guarantees that every participant will win something. There are multiple tiers of prizes, with higher-tier rewards being more scarce. Typically, there are rewards for the last lottery ticket sold, making it one of the most difficult prizes to acquire.

Bandai has announced that a new Ichiban Kuji will start in honor of the upcoming Pokemon Scarlet and Violet games. There are a total of nine different types of prizes, the majority of which are home decor and tableware-related, such as dishes, cups, blankets, and stuffed animals.

The complete list of prizes is as follows:

A prize consisting of a Poke Ball Cushion containing Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Starters.
B Prize: Pikachu Plush C Prize: Eevee Plush D Prize: Towel Blanket
The E Award: Plate Collection
The F Award: Cup Collection
G Prize: Tableware
Last Ticket Prize: Towel Collection H Prize: Pikachu Cushion

In Japan, interested fans can find this Ichiban Kuji at participating 7-11 and Ito Yokado locations, as well as Pokemon Centers, and purchase a ticket for 680 yen, or approximately $4.50 USD. Pokemon fans who are not in the area can typically acquire Ichiban Kuji prizes on the secondary market through auction sites such as eBay or by purchasing a ticket from an online Ichiban Kuji retailer. However, purchasing it from a source other than the manufacturer will likely incur a significant markup.

It appears that Nintendo fans appreciate Ichiban Kuji prizes, as this is not the first time that the company’s games have been honored. In the past, Pokemon has collaborated with Kirby and Animal Crossing, and there have been previous collaborations with the Kirby and Animal Crossing franchises.

Pokemon remains as popular as ever, although Animal Crossing: New Horizons recently dethroned it as the best-selling video game. The series manages to garner the attention and appreciation of both adults and children, which has resulted in the production of numerous products that are more suitable for adults to collect than toys and figurines. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Ichiban Kuji tickets may yield inexpensive and one-of-a-kind goods.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet release on Nintendo on November 18.

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