My Nintendo will add Scarlet and Violet Pokemon rewards in the form of physical items.

With the release of and Violet, the My Nintendo program will soon have two new physical rewards.

My Nintendo is now focusing on Pokemon, with Scarlet and Violet-themed physical rewards that fans will soon be able to get. Nintendo has also made digital rewards for games that can be bought with My Nintendo Points. With Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s rocky release, perhaps the forthcoming rewards will encourage more players to give it a try.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are the most recent role-playing games in the franchise. The open-world design enables players to progress at their own pace while engaging in battles with other players and capturing Pokemon in the wild. Fans can also encounter Koraidon and Miraidon, the respective Legendary Pokemon for each game. Since their release on November 18th, the games have received mixed reviews.

Nintendo has made a variety of rewards available to celebrate the release of the game, and some of them are included in the Nintendo Switch Online subscription. One of the rewards is shimmering wallpaper. The wallpaper’s design is based on terastallizing, a phenomenon that causes Pokemon to “shine and shimmer like gems.” The artwork depicts a Pokemon trainer and an Eevee in a state of crystallization. Fans can redeem 50 My Nintendo Platinum Points for this reward. Another reward is that until Christmas Day, you can use Scarlet and Violet character icons on Nintendo Switch Online.

Fans will soon be able to redeem My Nintendo Platinum Points for a mini-notebook featuring new generational starter icons printed on a yellow background. The second reward is a highlighter inspired by the two Legendaries and colored to match the new Scarlet and Violet Pokemon games. Nintendo has stated that more information about these physical rewards will be made available soon, so little is known about how to redeem them. Nonetheless, reward redemption will require a substantial number of My Nintendo Platinum Points.

The games’ success is difficult to determine. Recent reports have discussed game-breaking bugs, and some reviews have referred to it as a “mess of bugs.” A feature called “auto-save” makes these bad things less bad by letting players keep their progress. In addition to glitches, the graphics of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are also criticized. It’s no surprise that the state of the game when it comes out is one of the main things that annoy players.

Even though the release of new Pokemon games is exciting, it remains to be seen if they will leave a lasting impression on the franchise given their mixed reception. With these rewards, it seems like Nintendo is trying to convince players who aren’t sure if Scarlet and Violet are worth buying. In the end, games speak for themselves, and Pokemon fans will have to wait and see if these ones continue to hold up over time.

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