Mob vote losers can get a second chance in Minecraft Legends.

As the 2022 mob vote for Minecraft approaches, the upcoming game Minecraft Legends could serve as a platform for the losing mobs.

The impending release of Minecraft Legends has understandably piqued the interest of numerous fans of the wildly successful sandbox franchise. As the upcoming title is slated to add a real-time action- twist to the Minecraft formula, it is evident that it could provide a space for truly original content, and fans are anticipating the 2022 mob vote as a possible opportunity to expand the successful franchise.

With the upcoming vote excluding two mobs from inclusion in the main game, other franchise titles such as Minecraft Legends could feature them instead. In light of the fact that there will be eight discarded mobs to choose from following the vote in 2022, the range of utility that they could provide to Legends’ gameplay could be invaluable, and a fantastic way to satisfy a substantial portion of the Minecraft fanbase.

Minecraft’s 2022 Mob Vote

Beginning in 2017, Minecraft holds a community-wide vote roughly once a year to determine which of three potential mobs will be added to the game. Even though these three mobs usually have the same big ideas, they each have different roles and parts to play in the game. This makes for healthy fan conflict and debate.

Many believe that the mob vote is a fantastic way for fans to have a direct and tangible impact on the title, while also fostering a sense of community and excitement. With the now-famous Glow Squid, Phantom, and Allay being introduced to Minecraft as a result of the mob vote, the influence and significance of the competition are evident.

The Minecraft mob vote for 2022 will begin shortly, and the results will be revealed at the upcoming Minecraft Live on October 15. The candidates for this year’s poll are the Sniffer, Rascal, and Tuff Golem, each of which provides bonuses to horticulture, mining, and item display.

How Minecraft Mob Vote Losers Could Be Used in Minecraft Legends

Because each Minecraft mob vote brings something new and interesting to the game, many fans always feel rejected and sad when their favorite mob loses. Due to this, a number of fans have proposed holding runner-up votes comprised solely of previous losing mobs, but the upcoming Minecraft Legends could provide a more practical solution.

The upcoming real-time strategy game Minecraft Legends will feature a vast and populated third-person representation of Minecraft’s overworld and Nether Realm biomes. Story-wise, the player must unite the passive and hostile mobs of the overworld against invading Piglin forces from the Nether, necessitating a wide variety of unique mobs for the player to utilize strategically in combat and beyond.

Some previous losers of mob votes have appeared in the other popular franchise spinoff, Minecraft , which added a dungeon-crawling twist to the Minecraft universe. In contrast to its role in Dungeons, monsters are essential to the core gameplay of Legends. The return of past losing figures as units that can be leveraged by the player would be a very prudent decision.

Some of the mobs that come back could even be enemies. Some of the enemies you’ve already beaten could easily fit into a Nether setting to fit the story of the game. Allowing past mobs that didn’t make the cut to come back to the forefront of the franchise by making purposeful appearances in Minecraft Legends would be a great way to give people what they want and keep Minecraft from being overrun with mobs that didn’t make the cut.

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