Mike Lindell, who is the CEO of MyPillow, wants to run the Republican Party.

warns against ignoring the upcoming Republican National Committee chair election.

Monday, the CEO of MyPillow, whose cause célèbre in recent years has been casting doubt on the legitimacy of election results, announced his candidacy for RNC chair.

Lindell, who made the announcement on an online show hosted by former Trump adviser Steve Bannon, told CBS News he was dissatisfied with the ’s performance in the 2018, 2020, and 2022 elections, in which the Republican Party failed to maintain or regain control of both houses of Congress.

Mike Lindell

“Different input is required for a different output. This is basic business knowledge “Lindell said.

The Minnesotan stated that, if hired, he would pursue the position full-time, abandoning the pillow business that made him famous. Lindell stated that he has not yet developed a campaign platform because he is conducting “due diligence,” which includes speaking with all 168 voting committee members.

Lindell said that the process will be lengthy.

“One of them required four hours of my time. They have numerous concerns “he said.

Lindell, an ardent supporter of former President Donald Trump, stated that he has not sought the endorsement of the 2024 presidential candidate.

Lindell stated, “I did not call him on this matter.” “This is my deal, and I would hope that I have his support, but I will proceed regardless.”

In September, Lindell was stopped by FBI agents outside a Hardee’s restaurant in Minnesota, and his cell phone was seized in accordance with a subpoena issued by a federal grand jury in Grand Junction, Colorado. Lindell stated that at the time, agents inquired about Tina Peters, a Mesa County, Colorado clerk accused by state authorities of allowing an unauthorized individual to access the county’s election system. Lindell was released and no wrongdoing has been alleged against him. He later sued the Department of Justice in an effort to retrieve his phone.

Lindell is highly critical of current RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel, who was elected in January 2017, and the national party apparatus, accusing them of “turning their back on our country” after Trump’s 2020 loss.

Trump and his supporters have championed false claims to undermine election results in the years since. Lindell criticized the party’s election-related fundraising efforts, which centered on conspiracy theories regarding computerized vote tabulation.

“This is not where the funds are going. I will get to the bottom of the matter. Where are the funds going? I have repeatedly brought it up, but nobody seems to know “Lindell said.

According to a letter obtained by The Hill and signed by 101 RNC committee members, McDaniel has already secured the support of more than half of all RNC voters.

If Lindell loses, will he accept the results?

Lindell responded, “That’s a decent question.” “I would question any election in which a computer was used,” if one were to be used.

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