Mad World-Age of Darkness reveals new dungeons and bosses

(Last Updated On: January 10, 2023)

In an update, Jandisoft, the developer of the 2D hardcore dark fantasy MMORPG “Mad World-Age of Darkness”, has disclosed information about the upcoming dungeons and bosses in the game that are currently being developed.

Chapter 5 presents a new dungeon (the Mutation Attack Site background art)
This announcement reveals information on the new monster ‘Okeanous’, which will serve as the dungeon’s boss.

[Chapter5, a new dungeon, the Mutation Attack Site]

[The Mutation Attack Site Boss Okeanous]

The existing dungeon’s monster placement, gimmick, and boss AI are also being modified.
The Madworld website provides details on the development status.

Development of Mad World is currently underway with the goal of releasing it to global users within the first half of this year. The official from Jandi Soft stated, “We plan to pre-register and release within the first half of this year. Please keep your eyes open for more information on our official website and community.”

Mad World – Age of Darkness – MMORPG
Mad World – Age of Darkness – MMORPG
Mad World – Age of Darkness – MMORPG

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