Lonely Mountains: Downhill’s Daily Rides Season 20: Fullmetal Rider

Today’s free for Lonely Mountains: Downhill, the steam-powered Daily Rides : Fullmetal Rider, is brought to you by Thunderful and Megagon Industries. The most recent update for Nintendo SwitchTM, Xbox One, PlayStation®4, and PC (Steam®) adds new outfits and accessories for descending hills in style. A demo is available on Steam® and Nintendo SwitchTM, in addition to Steam Deck certification.

As a reward for completing Season 20’s trials, players looking for an industrial hit will find something for them, from daring deep sea divers to steampunk engineers.

  • With the World Traveller outfit, you can explore the globe.
  • Dive into the depths while wearing the Dive Suit, Diver’s Tank, and Diver’s Helmet.
  • Create potent concoctions with the Alchemist outfit.
  • Pilot outfit and Pilot Hat for long-distance travel
  • Brass up your bike with the Mekanika paint scheme.
  • Fly through the air with the Wings pack
  • Dress in the Steampunk Tophat

Daily Rides is also a cross-platform daily leaderboard competition: each day a random trail with new obstacles and shortcuts will be selected. The four-week season features a new theme and cosmetic rewards that can be unlocked. Are you equipped to dominate the upcoming season? See if you can reach the top of the leaderboard by riding.

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The initial release of Lonely Mountains: Downhill occurred on October 23, 2019. The game was a hit with both players and critics in its first year, resulting in more than one million players (3.7 million as of November 2022). The game received several awards, including “Best Independent Game” at the German Developer Awards and “Best International Independent Game” at the Poznan Game Arena. Lonely Mountains: Downhill received three free DLCs, “Redmoor Falls,” “Riley’s Return,” and “Misty Peak,” that added new environments and courses.

For more information about Lonely Mountains: Downhill please visit the official website: https://lonelymountains.com/

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