Lamar Jackson deletes a rude tweet and gets angry at how a reporter described it.

After the Ravens lost to the Jaguars on Sunday, Jackson sent a vulgar, over-the-top response to a that was mostly critical. After several hours, Jackson deleted it.

 Lamar Jackson reporter Jamison Hensley wrote a story about the tweet, noting that it contained a “anti-gay phrase.”

Twitter message sent to Hensley by Jackson. Here is the exact quote: “This is character defamation because I have never disrespected anyone’s sexuality, sexual orientation, gender, religion, or race. Your efforts”

Coach John Harbaugh is scheduled to speak with the media later today. He will almost certainly be asked about the situation.

At a time when many use “free speech” as an excuse to say whatever they want without anyone daring to say, “You know, maybe you shouldn’t have said that,” it’s important to remember that the term means only that there are no criminal or civil governmental consequences for most forms of speech.

However, there may be additional consequences, including but not limited to others exercising their “free speech” rights to criticize what others have said.

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