JOHN HARBAUGH said that Lamar’s tweet was “SO NOT LIKE HIM.”

Monday, , the head coach of the Baltimore Ravens, said that his quarterback’s was “out of character,” and he told the Baltimore star not to use Twitter after games.

Lamar Jackson

“It will never be positive,” Harbaugh stated. “It will not be a pleasant place. I believe this is somewhat reflected in Lamar’s response, as what he said was so out of character for him.”

“It’s not the way he speaks; it’s not the way he talks.” These are never the words he employs. “I have never heard him say such things before.”
Harbaugh said that Jackson has the “biggest heart” and that this incident happened because his feelings got the best of him after he was made fun of after the Jaguars beat them.
He is one of the most formidable competitors I’ve ever met.

Sunday night, Lamar Jackson deleted a profane Tweet…a few hours after attacking a fan who had criticized his performance on Sunday.

“When someone requests over $250 million in guaranteed compensation, such as [Lamar], such games should not be decided by [kicker Justin Tucker]. Let Lamar walk and spend that money on a well-rounded team,” a fan wrote on Twitter shortly after the Ravens lost a shocker to the Jaguars.

“Boy, STFU, y’all be cappin too much on this app; I’ve never smelt a football field,” the 25-year-old Jackson responded, followed by an expletive.

Lamar’s Tweet

The Tweet was posted for approximately three hours before being removed.

It was a difficult day for the Ravens, who were stunned by the 4-win Jaguars. Tucker, an All-Pro kicker for Baltimore, attempted a game-winning field goal from 67 yards out as time expired, but missed by a few yards.

Jackson completed 16 of 32 passes for 254 yards and one touchdown. The quarterback was visibly upset after the game, telling reporters, “Nobody enjoys losing.”

The loss ties the Ravens with the Cincinnati Bengals for first place in the AFC North at 7-4. This Sunday, Lamar and company will face the Broncos.

The NFL and the Ravens have not responded to Jackson’s Tweet.

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