It Spreads Trophy and Achievement Guide for Minecraft

(Last Updated On: May 4, 2023)

Along with the Deep Dark biome, several new developments were added to Minecraft. This guide instructs players on how to obtain the “It Spreads” trophy or achievement.

Modern Minecraft is a sight to behold. From ice cream to spin-offs and everything else, Mojang has worked tirelessly to make the game shine. The recent Cliffs and Caves update added several new biomes and exciting content to the game’s cave systems, as well as enhanced cave systems.

Alongside the updates and enhancements to the gameplay, four obscure new trophies/achievements have been added for players to unlock. This guide will assist players in unlocking the ‘It Spreads’ trophy/achievement, which requires killing a mob near a sculk catalyst.

What Exactly Is a Sculk Catalyst?

In the Deep Dark cave biome, Sculk catalysts are one of a variety of strange new blocks. As the most harmless of the group, they act as sculk block spreaders and become active when something nearby dies. Catalysts that are active will:

  • Spawn sculk blocks around the location of the death. – Spawn sculk veins around the primary sculk blocks.
  • Infrequently, spawn a sculk sensor. – Extremely infrequently, spawn a sculk shrieker.

As mining regular sculk blocks yields a small amount of experience points, players may wish to acquire the catalyst in order to construct their own XP farms. Even though they are easily destroyed, sculk catalysts will only drop a block when broken with a silk touch-enchanted pickaxe. Strangely, the best tool for quickly destroying sculk blocks is a hoe.

Mob Killing Next to a Catalyst

While it is technically possible to kill a Warden (one of the few mobs that spawn in the Deep Dark biome) next to a sculk catalyst, players will likely want to obtain this trophy/achievement as quickly as possible and without the risk of death posed by Wardens. The following techniques are suggested:

  • Lures a sluggish creature, such as a zombie, into the Deep Dark, close to a sculk catalyst.
  • Catch a fish in a bucket, then empty the bucket into a nearby hole before killing the fish.
  • Attach a lead to a passive mob and bring it in close proximity to the catalyst.
  • Slay a player with at least one level’s worth of experience,
  • Tame an animal and then kill it in close proximity to the catalyst. It may be cruel, but it will succeed!

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