How to Wrap Up Your 2022 Spotify

How to view your preferred 2022 artists, albums, and songs

Spotify Wrapped on iPhone

For Spotify users, the most wonderful time of the year is approaching. Prepare for your timelines to be flooded with Spotify Wrapped lists highlighting the year’s most popular artists, songs, and albums.

It’s too late to add new artists and songs to your year-end playlist: Spotify ceased data collection on October 31. This means that any song you listened to for at least 30 seconds between the beginning of the year and Halloween will be factored into your Wrapped for 2022 total.

Regarding when 2022 Spotify Wrapped will actually be released, Spotify has been teasing the release across social media for weeks, and #SpotifyWrapped has been on Twitter since Monday, November 28th, with fans anticipating its release any day now.

Here is all the information you need to view your Spotify Wrapped for 2022.

When will Spotify Wrapped be released?

While we don’t have an exact date yet, the tweets and releases from past years point to lists dropping within a few days of Monday, November 28th. At midnight on the 28th, Spotify tweeted a video referencing Lizzo, saying, “It’s About Time to reveal your Wrapped.”

Typically, Spotify Wrapped becomes available during the first week of December. The 2021 list was released on the first of the month, while the 2020 and 2019 lists were released on the second and fifth of the month, respectively.

How to See Spotify Wrapped on Desktop

When you visit the official Wrapped page on desktop, you will see the phrase “Wrapped is coming” along with the option to view the previous year’s Wrapped.

How to View Spotify on the iPhone

Although no information has been disclosed as of yet, Spotify typically makes it simple for iPhone users to locate their Wrapped data. By opening the app on your iPhone, your Wrapped lists should be available on your home page along with your recently listened artists, albums, and . This link will take you to the slideshow displaying your end-of-year data. You can also enter “wrapped” in the “Search” field to locate the Wrapped playlist version. If you don’t have it already, you can download the iPhone app for Spotify here.

How to View Wrapped Spotify on Android

Android users will not be required to jump through hoops, as Wrapped is typically featured prominently on the home page for Android devices. And similar to iOS users, Wrapped can be searched if it is difficult to locate in the home section. Here you can download the Spotify app for Android.

…And Remember the Spotify-Wrapped Memes

As fans await the release of Spotify Wrapped with bated breath, they have provided an abundance of hilarious memes to make the wait more bearable. Below are some of the most hilarious memes from Spotify Wrapped 2022.

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