How to use TikTok [Quick & Easy] Beginner’s Guide

(Last Updated On: May 4, 2023)

It can be difficult to get started on a new social site. Since, we all familiar with social media like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram etc. We have to adapted new app like TikTok. Are you ready to dive into TikTok? for fast guide this video may help you to recognize TikTok.

How to use TikTok Beginner’s Guide

This simple guide will teach you the fundamentals of TikTok. Learn how to use TikTok, from creating an account to navigating the platform to making use of the app’s most popular editing capabilities.

What is TikTok?

TikTok is currently one of the most popular apps in the world. It’s jam-packed with footage of people dancing, lip-syncing, pulling off stunts, and acting out humorous skits. You won’t be able to stop watching videos after just a few.

TikTok is a mobile video platform for short-form content. Users can create videos ranging in length from 5 seconds to 3 minutes, and use a vast music library and entertaining effects to quickly edit bite-sized digital films. But, aside from the excitement of swiftly filming and editing films with your phone, what makes TikTok so appealing to so many people is discovering content using TikTok’s carefully designed algorithm.

How to Create a TikTok Account

Before you can start submitting videos, you must first register a TikTok account and become acquainted with the platform. Following these instructions will help you to create new account.

  • Step 1. On android mobile phone open Play Store search tiktok on search field than tap on install button. Wait a minute until installation completed. Open TikTok app and select on of the options to create new account. Remember when register which of the options you selected. Since, a lot of people forgot while they logged out from TikTok account.
Sign up for tiktok
  • Step 2. Select your birthday, make sure your age up to 13, insert your phone number than tap on send code button and you will be receive incoming code on your phone. inserting it on send code field. than tap on next button. Finally, TikTok account completed. Now you can start using your TikTok.

If you having problem when signing into your TikTok account probably try these Approaches.

How to setup your TikTok Account Private?

After you’ve created your TikTok account, you must pick whether or not to make it private.
If you don’t want strangers to see your videos or photos, go to the profile icon on the bottom menu bar’s right side.

Click the Hamburger icon in the top-right corner of the screen of your profile. To enable this setting, go to Settings and Privacy then select “Privacy” option and next toggle it on “Private Account”. When you make your account private, other people will be unable to follow you without your permission. You can also change your privacy settings for comments, duets, messaging, and more from this page.

TikTok Account Private

How to Setup Profile on TikTok

After setting up account public or private. Now for the next further go to your profile. to editing profile just tap on people icon at bottom right corner of your page. tap on it than tap on edit profile and we can start to edit our profile here. Adding profile photo, give name for your profile, write your bio on available field and for the last you can add your social media like instagram, youtube and twitter on your profile.

On your profile page you able to view following, follower and likes. if you ever purchase products from TikTok you can view “My orders” beside it drop-down arrow which there are a lot of suggested account you can follow.

On the right corner of your screen tap on humburger icon, you will find Creator tools, QR code, Settings and privacy.

Let’s see on “Creator tools” and what inside. On “Creator tools” page under “GENERAL” you find Analytics, Creator Portal, Promote, Q&A, Playlists and SoundOn.

Under “MONETIZATION” you will be find Creator Marketplace, TikTok Shop and Gifts. Under “Settings” you can allow advertisers you use your post in their ads. Also you can manage how advertisers can use your content under “ad settings” on each of your posts.

How to analyze videos on TikTok?

Natively, TikTok provide analytics to analyze our videos’s view but we need to activate for eligibility the requirements asked by TikTok. On analytics page you able to find like video views, profile views Likes, shares and a mount of followers. On Analytics menu if you select “Content” you can suddenly Create a post and LIVE. To get comprehensive statistic you able by access TikTok Analytic on your computer.

As a beginner in TikTok platform go a head on creator portal which you able to get a lot of guides such as Getting started on TikTok, TikTok creation essentials, foundation for success, TikTok content startegy, Community guideline and safety, Getting paid to create, product feature update, how to level up your gaming content, what to know about LIVE, Everything you need to know as an artist on TikTok and How TikTok works. All of these Guidelines will let us to know detail about TikTok. Start to read all of the guidelines for beginner to track on path and avoiding violation while we start creating videos on TikTok.

Keep fire and let’s start to create a short videos on TikTok well-known as popular platform nowadays. enhance your skill by creating videos with guidelines.

How to promote your TikTok Videos

To promote videos on TikTok you can access Promotions page by tapping on “Promote”. IN this page you will be guide how to promote your videos on TikTok in that you can promote your website by using TikTok promotion which TikTok has large user & community to get huge audiences is very recommenced.

How to make Playlists for our videos

To create a playlist for our video. On Portal Creator, Select “Playlists” option and follow the instruction to categorize your video on Playlists. Applying playlists on our videos to provide viewer easy to watch our video based on video category.

How to add sound on our video

By adding sound in our videos is easy just tap on add sound at upper screen of story page. On that page you will discover many of sounds suggested for you, or you can select your own on playlist. But if you not satisfied with the sounds provided. Alternatively, go to creator tools tap on “SoundOn” to connect SoundOn application with your TikTok account by Authorization permission from account user. How to apply is very simple just tap on “Apply Now” button on your screen and you will ask to authorize with permission that you allow SoundOn to read your profile info, read your username, and manage you music tab information. you can disable permission for read your username and manage your music tab information by tapping on “Edit access” and toggle it off for read username or manage music.

How to create marketplace on TikTok

To apply TikTok marketplace you have to check your eligibility to join. and you must meet the following criteria such as your TikTik account ,must had over 100000 followers, you age must up to 21 years old, in one month must post at least 3 videos, in one month must have at least 1000 video views for the last TikTok content must follow Community Guideline. If your Tiktok reach 100000 follower try to apply marketplace.

How to promote product on highlight

On TikTok shop check your eligibility by following the requirements like at least account must have over 2000 followers, the age must over 18 old, in 28 days at least posted one video.

How to deactivate or delete account

Are you serious want to delete your account? Before deactivating account think wisely that you really want to delete by the reason of yourself. To deactivate account got to “settings and privacy” tap on “Manage account” on manage account screen select “Deactivate or delete account” option.

Additional options on “Manage Account” page. On “Manage Account” you able download your TikTok data or switch your account to Business.

How to share profile, change language, change restricted mode and keep TikTok family-friendly.

If we have a TikTok and want to promote our TikTok account to another. How to do this? simple answer is easy. Go to “settings and privacy” select “Share profile” option by tapping it. you able to send your profile through another apps like Whatsapp, facebook, TikTok friends, copy link, SMS, Massenger and email. to expand sharing profile just copy link and paste the link every where on social media, blog, website, comment, community and etc.

How to change language on TikTok. follow the same step for share profile. On “settings and privacy” choose “language” and select your default app language, preferred language and translation language. Next, How to change restricted mode? On “settings and privacy” under content & activity tap on content preferences than tap on restricted mode and “turn on” button.

How to keep TikTok family-friendly? Keeping TikTok able to view for child and teenage and how to setup? Go a head on “settings and privacy” page, tap on “Family Pairing” afterward tap on continue button. in this step you will be ask Who is using this TikTok account. there are available to options Parent or teen. If you are a parent select on Parent, tap on next button. than scan QR code to link account by following the steps on your teen’s account.

QR code for Family Pairing

How to find videos and engage user?

Finding video is an easy matter, go to home button you will be provide randomize videos for you, if you wan to select videos only user you are follow. tap following link at the top of screen. On user video you can like by tapping on heart icon. to leave comment or feedback on video just tap on comment icon on right sidebar. To share video tap on arrow button. How to view user’s profile. to view just to swept left on video. How if you swept right on video. to swept right will carry you on following page.

swept left and swept right to jump another page

How to bookmark or favorite video and manage to collections?

bookmark or favorite video and manage to collections

To favorite video only tap on “favorite icon” as shown on picture above, than tap on manage to add collection or create new collection. Liking, leaving comment or feedback, bookmarking or favoriting and sharing on video we watched it’s mean that we have been participating on TikTok community.

How to search a video?

To search video, On Home button at the top right corner of the screen tap on “search” icon. before typing a word TikTok suggested keyword while typing the word will appear also search suggestion below search field.

search video on tiktok

How to follow a user?

To follow a user and keep up to get more videos from the creator. if you having watching creator video just swept left the video you will be carry on profile page. next you can tap on “Follow” button. or you just tap on user’s photo profile on the right sidebar upper “heart” icon.

user’s profile on tiltok

Another way, if you know or remember the creator’s name you can use search field to search the creator’s name and select the search result under “account” name, In the reason of searching account name.

How to share a TikTok using QR code

How to upload videos and adding photos from Phone Gallery to post on TikTok.

TikTok aiming to target mobile user, features in the platform develop to make a user easy to customize videos and photos with A.I. technology user can create fantastic videos and photos. TikTok user able to add exciting music with can be use for every user. On the picture below figure out how to upload photo or video by taping on number 3 icon.

Start to create s post on TikTok

How to start create a post on TikTok?

To begin making a post just tap on plus icon. On the right side picture above.

  • 1. Immediate create video using front or rear camera.
  • 2. To capture photo
  • 3. To upload media from phone gallery such as photos or videos
  • 4. Adding effect for video or photo we made
  • 5. Adding sound or short music
  • 6. Additional Tools
    • Flip = for flipping camera front or rear.
    • Speed = to speed motion on video
    • Filters = adding filter to video or photo which we want to create by setting up like Portrait, landscape, Food and Vibe. tap on manage to get vertical view options.
Filters on TikTok
  • Beautify: Purposing to beautify your video or photo before posting. On beautify tool there are to options face and makeup. On face option you can select variety of options to beautify face such as Smooth, Shape, Eye, Contrast, Foundation, Head, Cheekbone etc. On makeup you allow to select options like GY 01, BGY 01, NAT 01 and so on.
  • Timer: provide time limit options like 3 second or 10 second than start recording.
  • Q&A: adding question on your video to make your video trustful.
  • to create a post you can use template, we don’t need hard effort just adding photo on template provided.

How to upload multi-photo collection and make them a album.

create album from phone gallery

TikTok not only allows you to submit video or film from your gallery, but it also allows you to upload a sequence of photographs to make a album. At the bottom of the screen at the right-side “story”, Tap on “Templates”. On Template screen, You can select one of templates provided by swiping to select a template, then tap Select album.

This will take you to your gallery, where you may select various photographs to include in a slideshow. If you’re a beginner photographer, it’s a good idea to edit your images first with one of these simple photo editing applications for beginners.

Just remember that the order of the photographs in the slideshow is determined by the order in which they are selected. When you’re done, click OK in the lower right corner of the screen to proceed to the editing page.

How to use filter spider & cockroach on tiktok?

Watch this video tutorial below. how to use filter spider & cockroach on TikTok. This filter most popular for pranking people you can discover the spider or cockroach crawling on the face. well-known this filter most use in Instagram and Snapchat.

How to use filter spider & cockroach on tiktok?

Closing for this post about how to use TikTok for beginner. TikTok may appear to be a new and experimental platform at the moment, but it might be a terrific tool for engaging and spreading awareness to your younger audiences in the future.

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