How to Unlock Rotom Phone Cases Save Game in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

(Last Updated On: November 28, 2022)

Pokemon trainers who want to know where to find the Save File cases for Rotom can find out in this guide.

Scarlet and Violet Pokemon have finally arrived. The most recent installment in Game Freak’s long-running series of monster-catching video games. Following the success of Pokemon Legends: Arceus, Scarlet and Violet bring open-world gameplay to the main series.

A number of bonuses are available to players, including an adventure pack for purchasing the digital edition, a Tera Flying-type Pikachu for claiming a Mystery Gift before February 28, 2023, and Rotom phone cases for having previous Pokemon game save files on the same console.


The Pokémon Rotom was first introduced in Generation 4 as a shapeshifting monster. In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, the Rotom, which returns as a gift from mom, has some customization options in the form of new cases. There are four cases available for Nintendo Switch players who have played previous Pokemon games. Listed below are the four cases and respective save files necessary to unlock them:

Pokemon: Let’s Go Pikachu/Go Let’s Eevee Ball guy phone case
Pokemon Sword/Shield
Poketech handset cover
Pokemon Brilliant Diamond/Shinning Pearl Arc mobile phone cover
Pokemon Legends: Arceus

Obtain Save Case File

Players must speak with the woman on the stairs in Mesagoza in order to acquire the Rotom cases. She will claim that the phone cases reveal previous lives and then offer each corresponding case if save data is present on the Switch console.

The lady can be found on these steps.

Other Strategies

In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, there is an additional way to customize the Rotom phone. Mesagoza is the largest city in the game and is home to a vast selection of stores. To customize the in-game avatars, acquire new clothing, accessories, and even a new hat.

However, players seeking a new case for their Rotom phone can satisfy their shopping needs by visiting Delibird Presents. Visit the shop by entering through the front entrance to find a variety of brand-new cases. Each can be purchased with in-game currency and gives the Rotom an entirely new appearance.

Here is where Delibird Presents is located.

How to Prepare Rotom Cases

To equip a newly unlocked or newly purchased case for the Rotom phone, players must first press the Left button on the D-Pad. After the menu has appeared, navigate past the other customization options to the Rotom phone icon and choose the required case.

After selecting the correct case, press A to test it on the phone. To retain the currently selected case, press the B button to return, and then select Yes when prompted to keep the current outfit.

The new case will be applied to the Rotom and will be visible in cutscenes and whenever the player’s phone is out in the open world.

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