How to Unlock 14 Hardest Advancements in Minecraft Beginner’s Guide

(Last Updated On: May 4, 2023)

There is a lengthy list of Advancements available in the Java Edition of Minecraft, but some of them are impossible.

The advancements found in the Java Edition of Minecraft provide the player with general objectives for what to do and how to interact with the open-world sandbox of the game, despite the absence of quests or set directions in Minecraft itself. Numerous of these advancements, such as obtaining wood or mining stone, are incredibly simple and shouldn’t pose significant challenges to even novice players.

However, there are other, more challenging advancements in Minecraft that truly challenge even the most experienced players. Many of them border on the absurd, and rather than advancing the “story” of the game, they serve as challenges that players can attempt to complete throughout their journey. The following advancements from the Java Edition of Minecraft are among the most difficult to unlock for completionists.

Anastasia Maillot updated on November 12, 2022: Advancements continue to be the best way for experienced Minecraft players to challenge themselves when the game becomes a bit monotonous. As the 1.20 update is still quite distant, completing a few of these can be a great way to spice up the game in the meantime. The original list pointed out some of the most difficult ways to advance in the game. Those are still on the list, but there are a lot of other challenges that were not mentioned but should be because they are so hard and require a lot of skill. Here are the Minecraft advancements that are the most difficult to complete.

Excellent View From Here

This Minecraft development is among those that players may accidentally unlock. If not, they will have to make an effort to unlock it. Visit an End City, where players must float up to 50 meters in the air while being affected by the levitation status effect caused by a shulker missile.

Not only is this advancement perilous, as players will be floating very high and risking death when they eventually descend, but it also necessitates that players travel to the End and locate an End City with sufficient shulkers. It also exposes players to damage from shulkers, which is nothing to scoff at, especially if they haven’t prepared diamond or Netherite armor at this point in Minecraft.

One Bird, Two Arrows

Phantoms are unique mobs that fly through the air at night and only spawn after three consecutive nights without sleep. This “insomnia” is what attracts these creatures, and they will hunt the player until they sleep each night to prevent them from spawning.

Two Birds, One Arrow is a unique Minecraft advancement related to these Phantoms. Players must use a crossbow with the Piercing enchantment and fire a shot that simultaneously kills two Phantoms. This is extremely difficult because Phantoms typically fly in annoying patterns. Occasionally, however, two Phantoms will fly in unison, and as they lunge down slowly, players may be fortunate enough to land a piercing crossbow shot.


Arbalistic is another advancement related to the crossbow. This one requires players to kill five enemies with a single crossbow shot, which, given the availability of useful enchantments such as Multishot and Piercing, initially doesn’t seem too difficult. However, each of these enemies must be unique. That means players must kill five different enemies with a single crossbow shot.

There are so many factors to consider, such as where to find the enemies and how to obtain the ideal crossbow with the proper enchantments. In addition, the mobs must be properly aligned for it to function, which can result in many failed attempts by players, making this one of the most difficult advancements in Minecraft.

The End…Once More…

In Minecraft, defeating the Ender Dragon is one thing; defeating him a second time after summoning him again is another. The fact that players will likely have excellent equipment and weapons by this point and will have learned from their first encounter with the Ender Dragon does not diminish the difficulty of this task.

The trick also involves recalling the boss. Four End Crystals must be crafted, which requires Ghast tears, which can be difficult for inexperienced players to gather. Ghasts can die over lava pools or large drops in the Nether, making it difficult to obtain their loot in the first place.

Serious Commitment

Serious Dedication entails beginning with something extremely uninteresting and relatively straightforward. Players must use a Netherite hoe until it has no remaining durability and breaks. On paper, it appears to be a very simple task, as the player does not have to risk his or her life in order to obtain the Netherite. They must first create a Diamond hoe and then upgrade it to Netherite, both of which are resource-intensive.

Following that, players will require time. Many of it. The Netherite hoe has a durability rating of 2031, indicating that it can be utilized 2031 times before breaking. Imagine cultivating the land that frequently in the game. Given the intensity and absurdity of this development, it is unavoidable that players will require wrist support after a while. Fortunately, there is a small trick: hitting a mob with a Netherite hoe grants a single durability point, so the next time players need a weapon while mining in the caves, they might as well use their Netherite hoe.

Return To Sender

Return to Sender is probably the best example of a difficult advancement that is still relatively accessible to novice players. To gain access to it, players must kill a Ghast with the fireball that it spits. Obviously, this requires the players to have access to the Nether, locate a Ghast, and locate a relatively safe area in the Nether where they can avoid the Ghast’s attacks without falling into lava.

When a Ghast spits a fireball, players can actually deflect it into the Ghast’s face by deflecting it with a sword. This is easier if the Ghast is in close proximity, as these fireballs do not track targets. It’s also possible to use an arrow to shoot the fireball, which is somewhat more reliable because players won’t have to worry about timing a sword slash correctly and risk being burned.

Cover Me In Debris

Diamond gear was the best gear in Minecraft for a long time. With the 1.16 Nether update, however, everything changed due to the addition of Netherite. This new material can be smelted and fashioned from Ancient Debris, which only spawns in the molten depths of the Nether and is therefore extremely difficult and hazardous to mine. In addition, players can only upgrade their Diamond equipment to Netherite, as they cannot craft Netherite equipment from scratch.

The unlocking of this advancement, which will allow the player to wear a complete set of Netherite armor, requires a significant amount of time, effort, and commitment. There are a few tricks to mining Netherite, such as using beds to quickly mine through Netherrack. Netherite ingots will also require gold ingots, so make sure to mine gold nuggets in the Nether and gold ores in the Overworld.


Beacons are potent endgame items that can be crafted after the Wither has been defeated. This by itself is quite arduous. To summon the Wither, players must collect three Wither Skeleton Skulls, which can be difficult to obtain from killing Wither Skeletons alone. Having a Looting III sword will significantly accelerate progression, but it will still be subject to random chance. After that, they will have to kill the Wither, who is a formidable boss monster.

After crafting the beacon from five glass blocks, the Nether Star, and three obsidian blocks, players must construct a pyramid to house it. The Beaconator advancement necessitates the construction of a four-tiered pyramid entirely out of iron, gold, diamond, or emerald blocks. True, blocks The time and effort required for this endeavor are substantial, but by the time players encounter the Wither, they should have amassed a substantial supply of ores.

Two By Two

At some point in the game, likely early on, players will be required to begin breeding some of the animals they encounter in their world. Not only is this important for food, but it’s also required to breed every animal in Minecraft, which is one of the most difficult aspects of the game. In order to complete this monumental task, players must first locate and then breed twenty-two different monsters using the appropriate food.

While sheep, cows, pigs, chickens, and horses will be relatively easy to find due to their abundance in forest and plains biomes, locating other creatures will be considerably more difficult. Mooshrooms, ocelots, and axolotls are likely to be among the most difficult to locate, with Mooshrooms being unique to the mushroom island biome. Axolotls typically spawn in pools of water in lush caves, whereas ocelots are exceedingly rare and timid jungle creatures.

A Complete Catalogue

Speaking of animals, A Complete Catalogue is an incredibly difficult Minecraft advancement that focuses on cats. In this challenge, players must tame every cat variant found in Minecraft. There are currently eleven of them in the game, each with a unique breed name and appearance.

Finding all eleven of these variants will be a bit of a headache, despite the fact that the task itself won’t be particularly difficult, as cats can be enticed and tamed with raw cod or raw salmon while sneaking. There is a great deal of randomness involved in the process, but the simplest way to accomplish this is to search the globe for villages. These are the most common breeding grounds for cats.

A Healthy Diet

Food is another abundant resource in Minecraft. The purpose of this development is to consume all of them, even if only once. Yes, this includes items that are harmful to the player, such as Poisonous Potatoes, Rotten Flesh, and Pufferfish, as well as the raw versions of every type of meat.

And if that wasn’t daunting enough, keep in mind that there are a total of 40 different foods in the game, some of which are difficult to obtain or require a bit of luck to discover. Enchanted Golden Apples, Bottled Honey, Chorus Fruit, Glow Berries, and Golden Carrots will be among the more specialized foods that may be difficult to locate.

Adventuring Time

For those who believed things couldn’t get any worse after collecting 40 foods, they can. The Adventurer’s Time achievement requires the player to visit 52 different biomes in Minecraft’s Overworld. Nether biomes are excluded from this equation and have their own (much simpler) progression to unlock. The addition of cave biomes, however, has complicated the situation by requiring players to visit these underground biomes as well.

Despite the fact that the vast majority of these biomes are relatively common and easy to find if players simply go out exploring, there are a few that can be extremely difficult to locate. Specifically, the deep dark biome where the Warden lurks, mushroom fields that are exclusive to Mushroom Islands, ice spike biomes, and occasionally jungle biome variants and badlands can be difficult for some players to locate, depending on the seed.

Uneasy Partnership

Ghasts are among the most annoying threats in Minecraft’s Nether, so it is only fitting that they are included in the second-most difficult advancement in the game. This one is unlocked by transporting a Ghast from the Nether to the Overworld and then killing it there. The task at hand is colossal, requiring players to construct a Nether portal large enough for the Ghast to pass through and then guide the Ghast into the portal.

The simplest way to circumvent this insanity is to use an Ender Pearl exploit to gain access to the Nether roof region. Since the roof is composed entirely of bedrock, where mobs cannot spawn, players have greater control over where they spawn monsters there. Then, when the ghast eventually spawn, the player must trap them in a boat or minecart and send them through the portal before they destroy the portal and the player.

How Did We Get Here

Some status effects in Minecraft are advantageous, while others are disadvantageous. There are a total of twenty-seven of them, and applying them all at once in a short period of time may seem impossible. The Minecraft community has circulated videos of players using redstone machines to apply these effects more effectively at once, making it easier to unlock this advancement.

Some of the strangest and most difficult status effects that players will need to possess simultaneously are Darkness from the Warden, Hero of the Village after a raid, Levitation from a shulker, Conduit power from a Conduit, and Dolphin’s grace from a nearby Dolphin. In the 1.19 patch, Lieinuxxseus revealed his incredibly complex method for applying all of these status effects at once. Players interested in replicating his method should consult his comprehensive guide on unlocking the game’s currently most difficult advancement.

Minecraft is accessible on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS, and a variety of additional platforms.

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