How to setup scrcpy for mirroring mobile phone on windows PC

(Last Updated On: May 4, 2023)

if you want to mirroring your phone on your desktop screen scrcpy is best choice. to setup scrcpy on your computer is easy.

1. download scrcpy here. than extract this zip to your local computer. afterward, place the folder on your C:\ .

2. setup your phone to developer mode by tap on MUIU version in the “about” after tapping “Settings”, advance tap “MUIU version” 7 times until notification prompt appear told that your are now developer. next further, toogle on at developer mode, than select USB debugging by toggle it on.

3. plug your USB cable from desktop to mobile phone

4. for the last step, open your folder located at C:\ the name of the folder as you prefer. double click on it than sort on scrcpy-console/ scrcpy-noconsole by double click on it. for detail tutorial you can watch this video

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