An Audience asked me a question. How do I remove my phone number from steam guard? In other words, my phone no longer turns on. No matter what I do, there is absolutely no signal or reaction. That implies that I won’t be able to access my steam account again if I accidentally log out.

I definitely don’t want that to happen because I’ve invested a lot of money in steam. Can I get my number taken off before something awful happens? or use my email for authentication instead?

Before starting into the step to solve that issue. let’s me to introduce title bit about Steam. Steam is popular software client Steam serves as a digital distribution platform for both well-known and independent games. Your Steam account is secured by the Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator using two-factor authentication. How then, and why, do you transfer Steam Guard Authenticator to a new phone?

To solve the problem faster you able to watch my video tutorial below:


For account verification, the Steam app asks the user to link a legitimate cellphone number to their Steam account. This cell number, not the phone itself, is where the Steam Guard Authenticator is connected.
You can now change phones without risk. The security codes are, however, encrypted and saved locally on your phone for security reasons in order to prevent hacking.

If your phone broken or malfunction you can remove the card from than phone and inserting into new phone. How if your phone stolen? you able to use your email steam will send code verification trough your email make sure that you can access your email. if not, you can ask steam support and they will ask you detail about payment while you bought a game.

Without an active internet connection, the Steam Guard Authenticator software can also create codes.
The time and date must be accurate, though. Other advantages of adding a phone number include providing a backup login option in the event that your user name or password are forgotten.

How to add phone number to Steam account?

to add phone number is quit easy, simply log in into your account can be through website app or steam client. in this change i use website app to figure out faster.

Step 1. open your web browser installed on your computer for example: Mozilla Firefox. type on search field “” click enter. Find login link in the top right corner, click on it and you will redirect to login page. just input your “Steam Account Name” & “Password” correctly. Afterward, you will redirect to Steam dashboard and welcome to Steam.

drop down menu on steam

Step 2. Click on drop down menu beside your profile name. than navigate on Account detail option, click on it.

Step 3. On account detail page, under Contact Info get Manage your phone number click on it

Step 4. On manage phone number page you able to change your phone number, verifying phone number, remove phone number. just select which you need and necessary.

How to remove Steam Guard: mobile authenticator, from PC via steam app

Step 1. Double click on your steam shortcut installed on your computer, than you will be ask for login. input Steam Account Name and password correctly afterward click on login button.

Step 2. On steam app, at left top corner menu, click on steam menu, than navigate to settings.

Step 3. On settings page, select “MANAGE STEAM GUARD ACCOUNT SECURITY”

Step 4. Select “Get Steam Guard codes by email (will require you to re-login)” still recommended. or select “Turn Steam Guard off (not recommended)”.

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