How to Play FIFA 23 Complete Guide for Beginner

(Last Updated On: May 4, 2023)

A comprehensive guide to FIFA 23, including information on the game’s best players and most popular modes, such as FUT, Career mode, and Seasons.

How to Play FIFA 23 Complete Guide for Beginner

FIFA 23 marks the end of an era, as EA and FIFA are set to part ways after more than a quarter of a century of collaboration. It is also one of the best FIFA games in recent memory, with more game modes, customization options, and licensed teams than ever before. Even if these changes weren’t made, the game would probably still sell millions of copies, given how popular the series is and how weak the competition is.

FIFA 23 should have no problem keeping players interested until next year’s installment, which will be the first sold under the new EA Sports FC label. Several updates are planned before then, including a World Cup-themed game mode that will be distributed as free DLC. This guide will talk about everything about the game, from the best players to the best formations for different game modes.

Introduction to FIFA 23

Those who have previously played a FIFA game should have little trouble learning FIFA 23. In fact, the overall experience is so simple that even novice players should be able to find their footing in a short amount of time. However, there are a few new features in FIFA 23 that may require some adjustment and others that could benefit from explanation. This section of the guide will offer a variety of “How to” guides to help players navigate the early game and improve their overall performance.

FIFA Ultimate Team

It should come as no surprise that FIFA Ultimate Team remains the series’ flagship game mode, given how much money it generates for EA’s executives. With the exception of aggressive monetization, this year’s FIFA Ultimate Team is a lot of fun, and the new moments mode is a great way for players to earn rewards. This section of the guide will provide Ultimate Team tips and a list of the best FUT players for a variety of situations.

Career Mode

In recent years, EA has put considerable thought and effort into improving FIFA’s Career modes, and FIFA 23 continues this trend. Whether controlling an up-and-coming talent or someone making their first foray into club management, players can now influence even the smallest of details, such as a manager’s behavior and attire on the sidelines. This section of the guide will focus primarily on the management aspect of Career mode, providing information about the best young talents and which Career mode teams offer the best springboard to success.

Global Cup Mode

It is always refreshing when a developer goes above and beyond with their games, especially when that developer is EA. Granted, FIFA 23’s World Cup mode is unavailable for Switch players, but the mode became accessible to everyone else in early November as part of a free update. Even though it is not as comprehensive as previous paid World Cup expansions, it is still a lot of fun to play with friends. This section of the guide will exclusively discuss the World Cup mode, including the best teams and players who will and will not be participating in Qatar.

Other Game Modes

Ultimate Team and Career mode may be the most popular game modes in FIFA 23, but there are many other excellent ways to test a player’s abilities. These include Online Seasons matches and the ever-popular Volta football mode, which provide a welcome change of pace from the grind-oriented nature of FUT and manager mode. This section of the guide will offer advice for some of these other game modes so that players can improve their performance.

Player Evaluations within FIFA 23

The developers of FIFA and Football Manager spend a great deal of money on scouting, allowing them to compile an exhaustive database of players from around the world. This is what is used to determine player ratings, and while there are occasional outliers, they tend to measure a player’s skill fairly accurately. This section of the guide will focus on player ratings, providing information on the highest-ranked players by position, league, and individual statistics.

Formations and Strategies

Choosing the best team is an excellent first step on the path to success, but it will not be sufficient to lead players to glory on its own. In addition, they will need to select a formation that brings out the best in their players, as well as provide individual instructions so that every member of the starting eleven is aware of their duties. This section of the guide will discuss some of the best formations in FIFA 23, as well as how to set up some of the best teams in the game.

FIFA 23 is accessible on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S|X, Nintendo Switch, and PC platforms.

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