How to Play as AFC Richmond from Ted Lasso in FIFA 23

Fans of Tad Lasso can now play as AFC Richmond in FIFA 23 and even use the inept manager and his squad in the management career .

When NBC Sports and Jason Sudeikis made the now-famous Ted Lasso commercials in 2013, not many people could have predicted how popular the character would become. The made-up coach now has his own Apple TV show where he runs the made-up club AFC Richmond, which is looking for stability with a new owner and coach.

Even though the show is very popular, most people were surprised to hear that Lasso and AFC Richmond would be in the latest installment of EA’s annual football game. Fans of the show can even use Lasso as a coach in career mode, allowing them to guide the team to Champions League glory if they so choose.

FIFA 23: How to Play as AFC Richmond

The Greyhounds are a Premier League team in Ted Lasso, but they are not playable in FIFA 23. AFC Richmond can be found in the Rest of the World section, alongside a number of all-star teams and real-world teams whose leagues are not featured in the game. This includes Wrexham AFC, the club owned by Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney and featured in another popular television series, Welcome To Wrexham.

How to Play as Ted Lasso in the Career Mode of FIFA 23

For those who can’t get enough of Ted Lasso, FIFA 23’s career mode allows players to assume the role of the inept coach. To do so, they must begin a new managerial career and, when prompted, choose to play as a real manager. They can find Lasso in the Rest of the World section, and his default club is AFC Richmond. If players choose to remain with the Greyhounds, one of the existing Premier League teams must be reshuffled to make room for them.

AFC Richmond Ratings in FIFA 23

AFC Richmond has a FIFA 23 rating of four stars, which would make them one of the worst teams in the Premier League if they were not placed in the Rest of the World section. This is somewhat deceptive, as their starting eleven is actually quite strong and comparable to teams like Arsenal and West Ham. Some Ted Lasso fans may be slightly dissatisfied with a few of the individual player ratings, but any football fan knows that EA has been incredibly generous, especially for a team that spent last season in the Championship, at least in the show.

FIFA 23 is accessible on the PS4, PS5, , Xbox Series S|X, Nintendo Switch, and PC platforms.

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