How to Make a New World, Options in Minecraft

Over the years, the create a screen in Minecraft has received a multitude of new features. Here is what everyone does:

When beginning Minecraft, the first step is to create a new world from the main menu. This is a fairly simple feature at first glance, but as players delve deeper into the options Mojang has added to the launcher over the years, things become significantly more complicated. It turns out that players have a great deal of freedom in creating their world and establishing its rules.

When players enter the screen for the first time, the default options are automatically selected, eliminating the need for additional customization. However, players who want to create a unique world with a specific map or predetermined starting rules may want to familiarize themselves with the options available on the Minecraft create a new world screen.

Add New World Settings To Minecraft

The create a new world screen is divided into two pages when accessed from Minecraft’s main menu. The first page contains the most fundamental settings, and the majority of players will be fine after adjusting only these. However, the second page contains a few additional noteworthy features.

Basic Choices

This is the initial screen that allows the player to change the name of the save file or the world, as well as the game mode, difficulty, and so on. Here is a breakdown of all the settings and what they allow players to accomplish.

  • Global Name

This name will appear on the world’s save file and in the menu that appears when players load their worlds. It will be listed alongside all existing worlds. If players don’t have a name in mind, they can leave this as New World; it can be edited and changed later. Its primary function is aesthetics and identification.

  • Game Mode

A number of Minecraft’s game modes are accessible via the create a new world button on the launcher. On this screen, players can select survival mode, creative mode, or hardcore mode. Other game modes, such as spectator mode and adventure mode, can only be accessed via commands once the player has entered the world and gained access to cheats.

In creative mode, players are able to freely fly around and use any item or block they desire. Survival is Minecraft’s raison d’être, requiring players to battle enemies, gather resources, and manage their hunger and health. Hardcore is an enhanced, more difficult form of survival in which death is permanent.

  • Troublesomeness

This setting determines the game’s difficulty and primarily affects survival mode. Hardcore mode prevents players from selecting a difficulty, as the difficulty is already set, whereas in creative mode, the difficulty is irrelevant.

The options available to players are Peaceful, Easy, Normal, and Hard. Peaceful spawns no mobs, whereas Easy, Normal, and Hard are “regular” Minecraft difficulties with varying mob health pools and damage taken.

  • Permit Cheating

Within the world, players are able to type chat messages and even cheat commands. To be able to do so, however, players must first enable cheats in the menu for creating a world. The available options are ON or OFF.

It is also possible to enable cheats after creating a single-player world. Before opening the world to LAN, a small setting screen allows players to choose whether cheats are ON or OFF.

  • Data Packs

Data Packs are a type of modified content that can alter the game’s functionality. The community has created an abundance of these, so players should investigate their options. Typically, these are improvements to the game’s quality of life, but some of them add more interesting features. To add a data pack, click the button and then drag the desired data packs from the left to the right to enable them.

  • Game Rules

This tool provides players with access to a comprehensive list of rules that they can modify for the specified world. Some rules pertain to enemies and spawning, while others are player-specific. Examine the list and select what seems intriguing, as this allows players to easily customize the world to their liking.

Advanced Choices

Next to Game Rules on the bottom right of the initial screen is the More World Options button. This link provides access to the advanced options that allow players to further customize their world settings.

  • Seed

This is the line where players enter seeds. Seeds are typically a series of numbers, but they can also be a word or a string of letters that will be converted into numbers that determine which world and map the game loads. Seeds are excellent for sharing a world with others that a player has discovered.

Or, if they want a specific type of world, they can search online for interesting seeds with cool features and play through that particular map. The seed map in Chunkbase generates maps of various seeds, which players can then load into the game by copying the seed number.

  • Generate Structures

Structures are randomly generated buildings in the Minecraft universe. The game classifies dungeons, pillager outposts, igloos, villages, and ocean monuments as structures. If players do not wish to play with these structures activated, they can deactivate them by pressing this button.

  • Global Type

World Type is an intriguing modifier that slightly modifies how Minecraft generates its worlds. The Default option merely generates a standard world with standard biome generation. Superflat will create a three-dimensional world comprised of an endless, flat wasteland made from a specific block. The Customize button allows players to determine the composition of each layer.

Large biomes will behave similarly to the Default world generation, but their size has been significantly increased, resulting in enormous biomes on the map. Players shouldn’t expect a great deal of variety from this type of world. Lastly, Amplified amplifies all the world generation features to their extremes by adding enormous mountains and peaks. As indicated by the game, this may be a burden for weaker PCs, so choose this option with caution.

  • Extra Chest

Those who prefer not to begin with an empty inventory can opt for a bonus chest at the start. This chest will spawn near the player as soon as they enter the world, and it will contain a variety of useful items to help them get started. Food, wooden planks or logs, wooden or stone tools, and similar items are typically available to give players a head start. Additionally, the chest is surrounded by four torches.

  • Import Settings

This tool allows players to import the settings from a previously-used world into a new one, saving them the trouble of entering them manually.

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