How to Live Stream Games on Facebook (Guaranteed to Work)

Because you must use a third-party application to live games on Facebook, it is difficult to live stream games on Facebook. Facebook does not offer dedicated live streaming software at this time, but it does offer a Live streaming API that can be used to connect to third-party live streaming applications. This article explains in detail how to easily live stream games on Facebook.

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OBS is a popular third-party application used by gamers to stream (Open Broadcaster Software). This Open Broadcaster Software app is free to download and works with Windows, Linux, and macOS. For Windows, OBS recommends Windows 7 and later, for macOS, macOS 10.10 and later, and for Linux, Ubuntu 14.04 and later.

For a beginner may do not know where to download OBS software, don’t worry in this section we will told you where you can download and install the software on your computer. OBS studio software is free open source that we can use it for video recording and streaming as well known a lot of youtubers and gamers stream or recording their video using this software because easy to use OBS. Even though, there are many of free softwares available online that we can use to stream and record video but in this occasion we only focus on OBS.

How to download & install OBS studio?

To download OBS studio you can go heading to the OBS official website. Select one of operating system you use for your computer for example we use windows than select windows button. After software downloaded you can double click on the application and follow the instructions available until software installed on your computer.

Finally, you can freely use this software. Additional if you don’t know how to configure the OBS we sugest you to read this article to get full information available How to stream multiple platform with OBS.

Let’s go to the next section.

How to broadcast live games on Facebook

There are a number of steps involved in live streaming games on Facebook. Before proceeding to a comprehensive guide on how to live stream games on Facebook, here are the steps to live stream games on Facebook:

  • Create a Facebook Page / Fan Page by reading this tutorial on creating a Facebook Fans Page.
  • Retrieves the Facebook API Stream Key.
  • Installing OBS Studio software as mentioned before.

The tools and requirements for live streaming games on Facebook are listed above. Here are the procedures:

Retrieve Facebook’s API Stream Key for a Live-Streaming Game

You must have a Page or Fans page before you can create an event. Then you must acquire the API Streaming Key, which you can acquire via this link.

After opening the aforementioned link, click the Create Live Stream button, and you will be presented with the Key Stream. On the right, you can also select where you wish to send the live stream; you can send it through the page, directly on the profile, or in the group. You must duplicate the Key Stream that was just generated.

Stream key Facebook

After copying the key stream, you must assign it to a third-party application, namely OBS, in order to connect Facebook live streaming to OBS. Read more about the steps listed below.

Configure OBS for live streaming on Facebook

In above section we mentioned about how to download and Install OBS studio on our own computer. than how to setup it.

OBS is a free Windows, Mac, and Linux application for video recording and live streaming. Previously, also published an article about using OBS to create a live stream on YouTube. Choose the appropriate download based on your operating system when downloading the OBS software from the official website.

Install the program after the download is complete, then launch the application. Once opened, navigate to File > Settings, then the Stream tab, change Steam Service to Facebook Live, and then paste the copied Key Stream from the previous step. Click Apply and OK to save modifications.

Setup OBS Studio for Facebook Live

Next, you must add the scene to OBS in order for the game view to appear on the game’s Facebook live stream. Click the plus button on Source, then add Window Capture. Click the Start Streaming button in the lower right corner of OBS to begin live streaming.


This is a guide detailing how to live-stream a video game on Facebook. OBS can interface game displays with Facebook live streams. In addition to Facebook, OBS can connect live YouTube streaming. If you want to become a YouTube gamer, it is strongly advised that you use OBS as your live streaming service on YouTube.

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