HOW TO HIDE WHAT GAME YOU ARE PLAYING ON STEAM 2022 [Quick & Easy] Beginner’s Guide

Using one of the various strategies outlined in this tutorial, you can remain anonymous and conceal your activities on . It’s fairly simple!. The ability to monitor which of your friends are online, their present situation, and the game they are playing or have just been playing is one of Steam’s greatest features.

Although the majority of users on this extremely popular gaming platform think this function is excellent, some may feel that it compromises their privacy.

Making issues worse, Steam doesn’t give customers a very clear option to disguise recent behavior. But if you want a blank game activity stream, there are quite a few solutions that should be able to help.

The next sections will include all the information you require. Let’s get started.

Hiding what you are playing on steam

Watch my video guide will help you to apply fastest to get detail tutorial or information. intended made this tutorial due to a lot of questions asked on reddit such as how to hide steam games from friends, How to made steam more private while playing the game, and how to hide .

Understanding the Steam “Recent Activity” Section of the Profile

Most experienced Steam users are indeed familiar with the activity section, but if you’re a more recent user, you might not be. Don’t worry; we’ll go through everything in detail right away.

Follow the instructions below to check your Steam Recent Activity section and have a better understanding of what we’re talking about.

  1. Access your steam installed on your PC and login into your steam account.
  2. Wait a minute for steam client load. navigate your cursor in top-bar menu sort and click on Profile name than click on profile option.
  3. Under your profile you able to see Recent activity section. which the time when you last played and the game you played. all of this kind able to watched public or only friends. if you want to hide all of your recent activity seeing by another player or friends you need to setup you privacy settings.
recent activity on steam account

As you can see, this area displays your most recent game, how many hours you spent playing it over the previous two weeks, the date you played, your achievement standing, a review for that specific game, and more. This is also displayed for the other two games you recently played on your account, making a total of three games.

Some users find this to be a lot of information to share, and some even think it violates their privacy. Given this, it’s understandable that members of the community began searching for solutions to turn off the Recent Activity area on their accounts.

Fortunately, we have several workarounds ready for you right now. Learn more about them in the sections that follow.

Method 1. We need to change Privacy Settings on steam profile

The only thing you need to do to use this approach, which is the easiest in this guide, is modify a few of Steam’s default settings.

Let’s start how to change privacy settings on steam’s profile and make game detail privately.

  • Step 1. While to open or access steam there are two options. first option you can access via and second option open steam account through steam client.
  • Step 2. On the top menu select your steam profile name, tap on it and choose PROFILE.
  • Step 3. Beneath your steam level, point you cursor on Edit Profile link, and just click on it.
Edit profile on steam
  • Step 4. On Edit Profile page, on left-sidebar select Privacy Settings option and on the right section point your sight on Game details than click on drop-down arrow than choose Private option. Finally, you already make your recent activity on steam private. no one would see your activity again on steam.
Privacy settings game details public friends only private

All you have done. you don’t need to click save change button due to choosing option steam will automatically save change.

To test if it works just copy URL of your profile by right click on profile than select copy link than you can open that URL to another web browser you installed on your computer. but if you confuse to do this. just make sure that your profile now is private.

I hope this article help you to make your game details private. no one else see your activity while playing the game. now you can play the game without any distraction and in peace.Therefore, you can focus to play your favorite game.

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