How to Get the Sneak 100 Trophy or Achievement in Minecraft

In addition to the Warden and frogs, several new developments joined Minecraft. This guide assists players in obtaining the Sneak 100 trophy/achievement.

How to Get the Sneak 100 Trophy or Achievement in Minecraft

Since its debut in 2009, Minecraft has undergone considerable development. Everything from the textures of its blocks to the most fundamental player movement is essentially unrecognizable, and the franchise as a whole continues to reach new heights. Prior to the Cliffs and Update, however, Mojang paid little attention to the caves of Minecraft. The update added several new for players to explore and, naturally, die in.

Alongside the updates and enhancements to the gameplay, four obscure new trophies/achievements have been added for players to unlock. This guide will help players unlock the trophy/achievement Sneak 100, which requires sneaking past a sculk sensor.

Describe a Sculk Sensor.

How to Evade a Sculk Detector

Sculk sensors are among the strange new blocks discovered in the Deep Dark cave biome. Effectively acting as alarm systems, they detect:

Movement from players who are not sneaking
Movement from enemies
Behavior of animals
The sound of objects falling
Sounds made by players (footsteps, eating, etc.)
Noises from enemies (pain or otherwise)
sounds of animals
The breaking and/or placement of blocks
The sensor will send out a’signal’ that will cause sculk shriekers to shriek if it detects any sounds similar to those in the preceding list. This is especially dangerous if a Warden is present in the area, as the screams will send him fleeing. These monsters are particularly eerie and will relentlessly pursue players. Nevertheless, if the Wardens have been eliminated or there are no shriekers nearby, the sensor is essentially harmless.

Sculk sensors can also be destroyed, but they will only drop a single block when broken with a silk touch-enchanted pickaxe.

How to Evade a Sculk Detector

After entering the Deep Dark biome or an ancient city, the difficult portion of this achievement/trophy is essentially complete. Sensors can be found throughout the biome, and even if a player has been detected by a sculk sensor, moving a few blocks away from it and then crouching towards it will still count and unlock the Sneak 100 trophy / achievement. To avoid having to sneak through the entire biome, players should bring a substantial amount of wool. On wool blocks, it is safe to stand and walk normally without fear of setting off the sensor.

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