How to get the one-time-only football tag spray in Fortnite

Here is how players can acquire the Football Spray for free.

How To Get The Football Tag Spray

Epic Games has given players who have won more than one match a limited-time spray to celebrate the launch of the Fortnite FC cosmetic set. Fortnite FC is an acronym for Fortnite Football Club, but there is also a Fortnite FC Academy. At the academy, participants will have the opportunity to win this football-themed spray.

This guide explains how to obtain this spray; it’s intended for football fans and Fortnite players who collect every cosmetic item added. In addition, it is a great way to earn experience points.

How To Buy Football Tag Spray

Only those who register on the official website of the Fortnite Football Club Academy will have access to the Football Tag spray. In addition, players will be required to play multiple matches in a specific Creative game mode in order to claim it. Here are the steps:

  • Log into the Fortnite Football Club Academy website with an Epic Account – players must authorize Epic Games to track their progress so that the reward can be credited to them once the challenge is completed.
  • Enter the island code 0992-035815 or search for the Fortnite Football Club Academy creative map in the Epic’s Picks section of the Discovery tab.
  • Earn three victories.

After training and gaining access to the academy’s classes, this mode consists of Drive the Flag battles. Completing classes unlocks skill bonuses that can be utilized in-game. These skills will enhance the performance of the player by, for instance, increasing weapon damage or running speed. The winner of the match will be the team that places the most flags inside the goal within five minutes. If the player wins a total of three matches, the Football Tag spray will be awarded.

The progress of each player will be recorded on the Fortnite Football Club Academy website. This offer is only valid until December 7, 12:00 AM Eastern Time. Within seven days of completing the challenge, the Football Tag cosmetic spray will be placed in the players’ lockers.

This mode of creative gameplay has active XP accolades, so players will get experience points just by playing it. It’s a great way to obtain the Chrome Punk skin before January 1, 2023, by earning account levels.

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