How to get Riolu to evolve in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Riolu and its evolution Generation IV’s Lucario are a fan-favorite Pokémon, and this guide will explain how to evolve Riolu.


Scarlet and Violet features an assortment of new and classic Pokemon for players to capture, train, and use in battle. One of these Pokémon is Riolu, a generation IV fighting type that evolves into Lucario, a generation IV fighting/steel type that got its own movie before and Pearl came out.

In Pokémon Scarlet & Violet, Riolu is a Fighting-type Pokémon with above-average attack and speed stats, but below-average Special attack and below-average HP, Special Defense, and Defense. It has a decent movepool from the get-go, with decent fighting moves such as Force Palm, Metal Claw for Steel type coverage and STAB after it evolves, and useful buffing moves such as Swords Dance and Work Up. Using TMs, it can also learn extremely lethal moves like Close Combat and Drain Punch. In the same manner, it can also learn Crunch to counter Psychic types, one of its primary weaknesses.

How To Identify a Riolu

Riolu is a Pokémon that is seldom encountered and can be found in South Province Area 4. You can reach it by flying to the west of Cortondo and then heading south towards the area depicted on the map. It can be discovered beneath a naturally occurring stone arch and captured in the usual manner. If it is defeated, it will eventually respawn, which can be accelerated by leaving the area for a full day (waiting a day/night cycle in Mesagoza should do the trick).

How Riolu Evolved

Now that players have discovered a Riolu, they must increase its friendship in order for it to evolve. Riolu requires nearly maximum friendship to evolve into Lucario and reach its full potential. If you want precise numbers, its friendship must be at least 220. There are a number of ways to increase a Pokémon’s friendship, but the simplest and cheapest method is to simply engage in battle with Riolu and earn experience, which will steadily increase its friendship and help it grow stronger.

Washing Pokemon during picnics and letting them roam freely in Let’s Go Mode are additional excellent ways to increase friendship, and giving a Pokemon the “Soothe Bell” to hold will increase the effectiveness of all friendship-enhancing activities. A Soothe bell is available from Delibird Presents stores. Using both is optimal, as capturing Riolu with a Friend Ball will also increase its friendship gain rate.

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