How to Get Rid of Atticus (Poison Crew Base Guide) in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Players of Pokemon Scarlet & who wish to locate and defeat Atticus, the leader of the Poison Crew’s Base, can use this guide.

The base battles of Team Star in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet can be fought in any order the player desires. However, there is an optimal path for trainers who wish to battle all five Bases in ascending order of difficulty. This guide will assist those attempting to reach the Poison Crew base as part of the Street story path and defeat Atticus.

How to Reach the Poison Crew Headquarters

Atticus’ Poison Crew’s base is located in Tagtree Thicket in the northeastern portion of the Paldea region. It is just to the north of Zapapico, where players can obtain the item required to evolve Charcadet, and to the west of East Province (Area Three).

Before entering the base, ensure you have the correct team for the battle against Atticus. Poison types are weak against moves of the Ground and Psychic types, so players should try to equip their Pokémon with moves of those types. In addition, players should be cautious when using Grass- or Fairy-type Pokémon, as they are both vulnerable to Poison-type attacks.

Battle With Youssef

Before entering the base to initiate the Star Barrage, players must defeat Youssef, a trainer who is protecting Atticus from potential harm. He has a 30th-level Gulpin and a 31th-level Shroodle.

Both Pokémon are Poison-type, so a powerful Psychic or Ground-type move should be sufficient to defeat them.

Poison Crew Star Barrage

After the gate has been opened, the Star Barrage will commence. The players must run around the camp and defeat at least 30 Pokemon within 10 minutes. To defeat the trainers’ Pokemon, send out your own creatures using the R button.

Three Pokémon can be out at once, so simply continue to defeat Pokémon until the challenge is complete. If players need to heal their team, they can interact with one of the area’s vending machines or speak with Clive near the front gate.

The following Pokemon will be encountered during the Poison Crew’s Star Barrage:

Horrifying (Ghost/Toxin)
Grafaiai (Poison/Normal)
Foongus (Grass/Victimizer)
Amoonguss (Grass/Victimizer)
Gulpin (Poison) (Poison)
Swalot (Poison) (Poison)
Venonat (Bug/Poison)
Seviper (Poison) (Poison)
The Paldean Wooper (Ground/Poison) is a species of poisonous plant.

How to Defeat Poison Crew’s Atticus

Atticus’s team of Poison-type Pokémon is not a joking operation. Therefore, if a player’s team is around the early 30s in terms of levels, they should ensure they have a Pokemon with potent Psychic/Ground-type moves. Without them, this battle can become quite difficult, especially if the player’s team is poisoned by moves such as Toxic, Sludge, and Sludge Wave.

Here is the complete Pokémon roster for Atticus:

Skuntank (Lv.32)File:435Skuntank.pngPoison/DarkSucker PunchToxicVenoshockGround
Revavroom (Lv. 33)Revavroom (Pokémon) - Bulbapedia, the community-driven Pokémon encyclopediaSteel/PoisonIron HeadSludgeAssuranceBulldozeFire, Ground
Muk (Lv. 32)File:089Muk.pngPoisonSludge WaveMud SlapGround/Psychic
Navi Starmobile (Lv. 32)PoisonNoxious TorqueSpin OutFlame ChargeGround/Psychic

Remunerations for Defeating Atticus and the Poison Crew Base

Atticus will award players of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet his Star Badge and the TM for Gunk Shot upon defeat. The move has a Poison type and deals 120 damage at its base. Additionally, it has a chance to poison the target, dealing damage each turn.

If this is the second base that the players have taken down, they should be awarded 6000 LP (League Points) when they leave the camp.

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