How to get more Followers on TikTok [Quick & Easy] Beginner’s Guide

(Last Updated On: May 4, 2023)

If you are wondering how to get more followers for your TikTok account. You are now on the right place keep reading you will be guide step by step to reach your goal. TikTok as growing platform today and have a lot of audiences instead. TikTok always push a creator to be creative with many kind of features and tools attached on TikTok platform. the big question is “Do we want to create a video on TikTok”.

Keep watching this video to get fast tutorial how to gain more followers for your TikTok account with paid or free option:

get more followers on tiktok quich & easy

Nevertheless, if you want to make your dreams a reality, all you have to do is discover a way to surpass the competition. There are several techniques for increasing your TikTok followers, including both short-term and long-term approaches. In this article, we will demonstrate many ways for obtaining free TikTok followers.

How to use TikTok app?

If you are new on TikTok, First of all, You need to learn how to use TikTok app. by installing first on your mobile phone. Afterward, open TikTok app and learn about tools, effects, filters, how to upload video, how to like, leave comment, bookmarking or favorite a user’s video. Exploring videos on TikTok is fun, you can get inspiration or motivation to create first video on TikTok.

Free or paid method?

There are two options to get followers on TikTok. First method is boost way or paid way, you can buy TikTok’s followers or placing ads by using many platforms available online like google ads, facebook ads, TikTok ads and etc. Second method is free way. you don’t need spend budget to do this way. but you must create unique content or original content. than you able to share your profile or videos automatically or manually. Automatically, it’s means if you have been finished or completed made video than share your video using sharing tools provided by TikTok to another social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, Email, Messenger, TikTok friends etc.

TikTok itself help users to get more followers. How to get more followers on TikTik just follow the link you will discover a lot of videos which talk about how to such as how to gain followers on TikTok, how to gain a ton followers in a day, how to get 1k followers in a day. suggested to watch their videos and follow step by step the method.

How important hashtag for the video to get followers

Beside creating good content for viewer, hashtag is important things that you must give a huge attention on it. you able to make hashtag recently trending on targeting location. Keep in mind, your video targeting location for example if you purposing on United Stated’s audiences, you must make a video in English language as American done. Search about what trending in that location than produce video related to trending topic and give hashtag on that video. common hashtag used by TikTok creator like #fyp, #viral, #xyzbca, hashtaging your topic. For example you want to make a video about “How to get more followers on TikTok” give hashtag like #howto #followers #TikTok etc.

Note: No edit button on TikTok. Therefore, before publishing the video make sure that you are ready adding good title, description, hashtag etc.

hashtag on tiktok video

Learning How TikTok application is works?

Don’t dream for gaining more followers if you don’t understand how to use TikTok platform. First of all, Learn about how to use TikTik app, than learn how to upload video on tiktok, before creating you have to think about niche/topic for your TikTok’s videos. For the next further, about target location for your audiences as i mentioned in my previous paragraph if your target location from United States it’s necessary for you to making a video using English language. To learn how to use TikTok app you can read this post “How to use TikTok app [Quick & easy] beginner’s guide“. Recognizing all the button or link applicable on TikTok, Trying using Tools & Features on TikTok like effects, filters, liking, leaving comment, favoriting or bookmarking etc.

understanding tools & features

Uploading likeable content for audiences

Unequal YouTube & Instagram, TikTok account with no followers or little by creating and uploading unique or original content continuously will help video goes viral or FYP. On your TikTok feed probably you will be find a creepy video with a lot of views, likes and got a ton of followers. Even though, making a high quality content or creative content for viewers is more favored. For example: a user uploaded rubber band no action, no effect, no movement and be viral or fyp on TikTik than followed by another users creating the same things. Could you imagine while you watch video feed on TikTok and you found a lot of videos with rubber band. Making viewers mad on such video.

Creating Content on daily basis

Why have to create content on daily basis?The Reasons are more contents you have probably will be watch by audience. Thinks wisely when you want to delete your videos. why, due to we don’t know which video likes by audiences. Perhaps a video that has been up for a few weeks can suddenly flood the FYP page and go popular on its own. Having a lot of content in the algorithm enhances your chances of landing on more For You Pages, which might convert to free TikTok followers, whether it’s due to timing, an unforeseen circumstances, or just simple dumb luck.

Learning something from the Experts creating videos

Before you begin generating your own videos, you should review the For You Page.Why
Some of these videos received hundreds or thousands or millions views, likes and comments from audiences. Analyzing what makes these videos so valuable. Perhaps it is the user’s talent or personality.
In any case, take note of their performance, as well as any special effects or props they used.
You can apply what you’ve learned to your next video.

Use professional equipment to generate TikTok videos

After learning, investigating and analyzing the videos from “For Your Page”. Most of them probably used professional equipment to make their success videos. Even though, making videos using our gadget or device has a big chance to be FYP [For Your Page]. Beside, Smartphone to generate video we still need another accessories to support our smartphone such as lighting, tripod, video camera, phone’s hand stick, Microphone, green screen and so on aiming to upgrade the quality of video. The sound quality of smartphone cameras isn’t the best, and they frequently capture background noise. When editing, you can use TikTok’s noise-cancelling tool to block out background noise.

green screen. microphone, lighting, web cam

Post your video on the right time.

Why have to post a video on the right time? If you post on the time where a lot of people go to bed. No one will access TikTok while sleep 😁 right!. Or rush hour when people to go office and school. Than what the best time to publish a video. Check your creator tools in profile and choose Analytics from this stats you can decide the right time to post video. On analytics tap followers menu scroll down and investigate at what hour or day viewer watch your video than determine the time to upload your video on TikTok.

Analytics TikTok

Promote your profile or videos to another platform

Based on Global Social Media Statistic ranked Facebook at 1st place which has 2.936 billion monthly active users. YouTube at 2nd place which potential advertising reach is 2.476 billion. Whatsapp has at least 2 billion monthly active users. Instagram with potential advertising reach is 1.440 billion. WeChat has 1.288 billion monthly active users. TikTok potential ads reach 1.02 billion. From These statistics we able to determine on which of social media we would like to promote our TikTok’s video and profile.

Sharing content on multiple platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Whatsapp, Instagram and WeChat are best way to promote TikTok’s video. Based on the term “Social Media”, Video part of media therefore we need platform that had a huge social or audience on it. Have a nice try and patience to get good result. Due to our effort to create valuable video for audience to get their attention than getting engagement from social such as liking, viewing, leaving comment, following and so on.

Collaborating with other TikTok Creators or Influencers

Another way to get more followers is partnering with other success creators or influencers which they had a ton of followers if we collaborate with them can strengthen and firing their followers to follows our profile. How to find or get valuable creators? Nice question. To get creators or influencers you can heading to your creator tools and select “Creator Marketplace” tap on “Check eligibility” button. take a look on the first criteria, user must had over 100000 followers to apply “creator marketplace”. Than you need to search that creators by simple way just search on TikTok search field type “Creator Marketplace” you will find influencers which uploaded video and told the audiences if they got over 100000 follower than can apply creator marketplace.

To get followers more than 100000 followers as a pride achievement for TikTok Creator due to their effort. You can follow this girl’s creator [@chennyester] which reach her goal with over 100000 followers and you able to follow her profile and asking to collaborate such as promoting your products or creating duet or stitch video together.

Note: Don’t push your luck by collaborating without offering something to her 🙂

TikTok Creator Marketplace

Choose the best sounds and songs for your video

How to select best sound or song for video? To choosing best or match or trending sound or song. Go heading to the search field of TikTok search the sound or song what are you looking for. for example by typing “funny” on TikTok search field you will be get most search result, than tap on “sound” menu located under search field. You can select sound written with popular red color it’s mean this sound most used by users or Alternatively, you can tap on filter on top right corner of your screen, Afterward sort by most used that tap on “apply” link beside “Filters”. to hear the the sound or song just tap on “play button”. to reach song or sound profile you can tap on “title”.

Note: if your video content a message for audience and you need viewer hear clearly about what you saying, please don’t play the song or sound on video due to damaging your video quality.

popular or most used sound or song

Try TikTok Duets and stitching out.

Duets is another fantastic TikTok feature. One of the original creators and one of a TikTok user are featured in these side-by-side videos. They are a fun way to interact on the app and can be used to comment, complement, answer, or add to the original video. A green screen duet option is also available, which uses the original video as the background.

Duets promote sharing and engagement with your brand’s content, increasing the likelihood that it will be noticed by more and varied users. It fosters strong brand engagement and gives you the chance to reach additional followers who otherwise might not have noticed your content.

Users of Stitch can cut and combine segments of other users’ videos into their own. Similar to Duet, Stitch enables users to expand upon and reinterpret the content created by other users, including stories, instructions, recipes, arithmetic classes, and more. It’s an additional engagement feature that could encourage users to click the plus symbol.

Girl’s dance stitch with Girl’s push-up

Last thoughts on gaining TikTok followers

There isn’t a universal method for increasing your TikTok following. However, there are a variety of strategies to increase views and place your material on the appropriate FYP [For You Pages]. Knowing your audience, utilizing challenges, hashtags, and trends, promoting your content through other social media networks and advertisements, and scheduling your posts well are all excellent ways to increase your chances of getting followers without using dubious programs or purchasing bots.

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