How to Fix Puzzle M-008 in Sonic Frontiers Easy Ways Beginner’s Guide

If you’re having trouble solving in Sonic Frontiers, this guide is here to help.

How to Fix Puzzle M-008 in Sonic Frontiers

Sonic Frontiers is a Sonic game set in an open world that is packed with puzzles. Each puzzle is assigned a number, and as the number increases, the difficulty increases. But early in the game, you’ll find a peculiar one; this is puzzle number M-008. When players approach this early-game location, there isn’t much to see, and some Sonic fans may have trouble locating the necessary items to solve the puzzle. In this 3D Sonic adventure game, however, M-008 is a relatively simple puzzle to solve, so players will only need a hint to get going in the right direction.

Location of M-008 in Sonic Frontiers

This puzzle, like all others in Sonic Frontiers, is distinguished from its surroundings by a diamond-shaped symbol. Before the problem is resolved, this sign will be white with red text. It is located near Elder Koco in the starting area of Kronos Island. This is the large, chubby koco, not the tall, slender koco, despite the fact that both can grant Sonic greater move speeds or greater ring capacity. Additionally, the M-009 Sonic Frontiers puzzle is nearby.

The sign will be situated within a small circle of flowers and will appear as follows:

How to Solve Sonic Frontiers M-008

Thankfully, this puzzle is much simpler than it initially appears. Sonic only needs to use his abilities to resolve the issue. Not over or within the flower circle, draw a circle around the flowers. This should eliminate all flowers and resolve the puzzle. Each flower does not need to be cut in a single swoop; if any are missed, players can return to the area and use the Sonic Frontier ability to cut down the remaining blossoms.

Use the Cyloop as often as possible as a beginner in Sonic Frontiers, is an excellent piece of advice. This move can be used to solve puzzles and unearth rings and other items buried in the ground. To use it, hold down the Cyloop button and then draw a circle around an object. Once the circle turns from blue to pink, it is complete and anything within it will be activated when the Cyloop button is released.

If Sonic Frontiers players have trouble holding onto rings, they should continue running in circles across random regions of the world. This will continue to produce rings for a considerable amount of time.

Sonic Frontiers is available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC, Xbox One, Xbox One S, and Nintendo Switch.

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