How to Download and Play Apex Legends Game on PC

With the official release of Apex , a large number of players are eager to begin playing. However, there are still a significant number of people who are confused about where to download Apex Legends. Apex Legends can be downloaded on the PC through Origin, on the PlayStation 4, and on the Xbox One. Depending on the console you’re using and where you’re downloading the game, you must follow slightly different procedures. If you’re having trouble downloading and playing Apex Legends, this article will explain everything so you don’t become confused about how to Apex Legends.

How to Download and Play Apex Legends Game on PC

Where to Download and How to Play Apex Legends.

How to Install and Play Apex Legends on Your Computer

Apex Legends is a free-to-play game that can be downloaded via Origin for use on a personal computer. If you wish to download Apex Legends as a gamer, you must visit the official Origin website. Then, click the orange “Get The Game” button to begin downloading the Apex Legends game.

However, you must first download the Origin client before downloading Apex Legends. Then, you must register for the Origin client in order to play Apex Legends. In fact, you can also download Apex Legends directly through the Origin client. By clicking “Play For Free,” the Apex Legends game will begin downloading and be added to your Game Library automatically.

Instructions for Downloading and Playing Apex Legends on PlayStation 4

On PlayStation 4, the Apex Legends game can be downloaded by navigating to the PS Store and then to the Featured tab. There you will find a large advertisement for Apex Legends. This is an efficient method for downloading Apex Legends on PlayStation 4. If you cannot locate Apex Legends advertisements on the PS Store, simply use the search function and enter “Apex Legends” to locate the game manually.

Downloading and Playing Apex Legends on Xbox

Then, Xbox One console owners can download Apex Legends by visiting the game’s page on the Microsoft Store. You can perform the action on your computer or Xbox One console. How to download Apex Legends on Xbox One is comparable to how to download it on PlayStation 4. After locating Apex Legends in the Microsoft Store, you can immediately download it.

Apex Legends Game Size

And the Apex Legends download size typically varies based on the console and the location where the game is downloaded. On PlayStation 4, for instance, the file size is listed as 23.1GB, whereas on a PC it is 20.52GB. Once this game has been downloaded for the first time, you must wait a bit longer to obtain the highest quality graphics. Because the system will automatically download additional files to improve the HD texture in the background.

During the downloading of the HD texture upgrade file, you can continue to play Apex Legends. However, the presented quality may not be optimal. Therefore, if you desire a visually pleasing display, you must wait a few moments until the HD texture enhancement process is complete.

There are so many guides on how to download Apex Legends and how to play the game on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Don’t forget to stream this game because so many Apex Legends players are eagerly awaiting its release. Also review the Minimum and Recommended Specifications for PC to Play Apex Legends Game if you intend to play Apex Legends on a console.

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