How To Disable Steam Running On Startup [Quick & Easy] Beginner’s Guide

By turning off Steam’s automatic starting launch, you can speed up PC startup. How do you go about that? Easy! Here’s from starting up when the computer starts.

However, if you’re new to Steam, you could find some of the platform’s peculiarities irritating, such as Steam starting up automatically when your PC boots.

Fortunately, there are a few methods you may prevent this from happening, such by turning it off in the Steam client, stopping it in Windows Settings, or turning it off in Mac System Preferences.
You can follow the instructions below to stop Steam from starting up automatically, especially if you’re concerned about long boot times.

Let’s talk little bit about Steam?

What is Steam? Steam is provided by Valve well-known as The digital game retail and distribution service. In order to enable automatic game updates, it was first released as a software client in September 2003. In late 2005, it was expanded to include distribution and offering of games from other publishers.
Digital rights management (DRM), matching between players and game servers, anti-cheat safeguards, social networking tools, and game streaming services are just a few of the features available on Steam.
It offers the user community features like friend messaging, in-game chat, and a community market, as well as automated game updating, saved game cloud syncing, and community marketplace.

Let’s start to fix or disable Steam running on startup Windows. The way to inactivate Steam appear on Windows startup is very easy and quick. We don’t need any code or mastering programing language or have to skillful in Steam zone.

Method 1. Disabling Steam running on startup via steam client or app.

  1. Step 1. opening or accessing can be through steam client only not for website. let’s start by double click on steam shortcut installed on computer. However, if you don’t have steam client or app installed on computer. Don’t worry i will help you to solve the issue. first of all, open your web browser installed on your computer. type on search field point your view on top right of steam website you will find Install Steam button with green color and download icon on it. Thereafter, download steam client and follow the steps for installing .exe or SteamSetup until shortcut appear on your desktop. you don’t need to login into steam website.
download steam client from steam website.
  • Step 2. Subsequently, Double click on steam shortcut. afterward, appear “Steam login” prompt input “Account Name” and “password” correctly, than click login button and you will redirect to steam account with your profile at top right screen.
  • Step 3. On the top left corner sort on Steam link and click on it. navigate to “Settings” than tap on it.
Steam settings
  • Step 4. Appear Settings page prompt. Under “Settings” navigate to “interface” than tap on it.
settings interface steam
  • Step 5. On “Interface” page point your cursor on check-marked tick-box with text “Run steam when my computer starts” to disable just click tick-box to uncheck.
Run steam when my computer starts

Your Steam client should only launch when you initiate it, such as when you want to play a game after disabling this setting.
However, updating or reinstalling the client can cause these settings to be reset, which would make Steam restart when your PC or Mac boots up.

If that occurs, you’ll either need to repeat the previous steps to stop it or continue with the next set of instructions to make sure that Steam cannot start automatically, even if the setting is enabled in the Steam client to do so.

Method 1. Disabling Steam running on startup via Task Manager on Windows

Most users should be able to prevent Steam from starting up automatically by following the above instructions. If you’re using Steam on Windows, an alternative approach is to stop it from starting up in the Task Manager application.

Disabling the client in Task Manager should stop it from opening when your PC restarts if your Steam settings are reset, for example, when the client is upgraded or reinstalled.

  • Step 1. To open Task Manager on windows is very easy. quick way just right click on “Start Windows icon” or on “Taskbar” space will appear menu list and navigate on “Task manager” option by clicking on it.
right click on taskbar or start windows
  • Step 2. On Task Manager page click on “more detail” to get full view
click more detail if your display like on picture above
  • Step 3. On Task Manager Screen. select menu startup
select menu startup
  • Step 4. Find steam app on startup lists, focus on status. in picture below the status is enabled and we need to change to disabled. to disabled the status just right click on it than select disabled. afterward, the status will be change to disabled.
steam app status enabled
disabled steam app on startup windows

Now start to play games on Steam.

The instructions above should cover all of your options if you’re trying to figure out how to prevent Steam from starting up when your computer boots. When Steam opens on your schedule, you can start playing games there, but if things start out a little slowly, don’t forget to speed up your Steam downloads.

However, if Steam is giving you problems, you might need to run Steam as an administrator on Windows in order to grant it access to your files. You might also consider using the Steam Link feature to play PC games remotely on an Android handset or other device when away from your desk.

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