How To Disable Discord Running On Startup Quick & Easy Ways Beginner’s Guide

A multi-platform program called enables real-time text, video, and voice communication.
However, one annoying feature of PCs is that the Discord application launches automatically the moment your computer is turned on.

It is suggested to prevent Discord from opening at boot-up because it slows down your computer’s performance and the time it takes Windows to load. Therefore, we will describe how to prevent Discord from launching upon in order to assist you in resolving this problem.

Let’s talk little bit about Discord.

A software for group communication called Discord allows users to talk to their friends and coworkers.
It enables you to share your screen, video call, voice chat, and send instant messages to your buddies.
On Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Linux, Discord may be downloaded for nothing. Furthermore, Discord does not need to be installed because it operates directly from a web browser.

Discord, which was initially developed for the gaming community, is now widely utilized as a platform for all different kinds of communities. Servers are communities within Discord where users may converse and interact about a certain subject. Every server has its own users, communities, channels, and policies.

At first glance, Discord might resemble the Slack messaging service. But it has a lot more functions to offer, particularly for gamers.

How can I stop Discord from starting up automatically?

Disable it within the Discord application or make use of Windows Task Manager to prevent Discord from starting up on startup. To prevent Discord from launching automatically, follow either of the two thorough instructions.

Method 1: Utilize the Discord options to prevent Discord from launching at startup.

open discord via website
  • Step 1. There are two ways to open or access discord. first, you able to access discord via website by typing on your web browser afterward, click on “open discord” button you will be redirect to discord app. How to open discord via application? Make sure that you already download and install application on your computer. if all have done. Double click on discord shortcut if you already login you don’t need to login again and soon you will redirect to “discord dashboard”.
  • Step 2. point your sight at left bottom of discord dashboard, find “gear icon” or settings beside headphone icon inline with your username, than just click on gear icon.
gear icon or settings on discord dashboard
  • Step 3. Subsequently, appear “user settings page” navigate your cursor on “app settings” or scroll down your page. under “app settings” there are many tabs such as appearances, accessibility, Voice & video, text & images, Notifications, keybinds, language, windows settings, Streamer Mode and advanced. Select “Windows Settings Tab” click on it.
  • Step 4. Final step on windows settings page. disable “open discord” & “Start Minimized” by toggle it off until gray color appear. Green color is active as show on picture below. Have a nice try. Congratulation, your discord disabled to run automatically on computer startup.
disable open discord & start minimized

may be, you have a question why i have to disable my discord running on startup. When you switch on your PC, the Discord program will automatically start up. Starting up your computer when the Discord software is stalled can be annoying. Additionally, you might not want to view your Discord conversations right away after turning on your computer.

Method 2: Disabling discord running on startup of your computer via Windows Task Manager.

To deactivate discord running on startup windows through Windows Task Manager more easy & quick comparing with disable via discord app. to figure out i used Windows 10 may be the method to deactivate Windows & Mac are different but in this case i would like to show you via Windows.

  • Step 1. Right click on taskbar space on your windows computer. afterward, navigate your cursor on “Task Manager” than click on it. or you can open “Task Manager” through Windows search type on it “Task Manager” you will be get Task Manager just click on it.
Taskbar windows 10
windows search type task manager on it
  • Step 2. On Task Manager screen prompt select Startup Menu than click on it.
Task Manager Startup tab
  • Step 3. In this change, i can’t show you my discord because i ever uninstall my discord app after that i installed again and the discord disappear on my Task Manager Startup. So for you, if your discord app not running on this Task Manager Startup its mean you don’t need to deactivate. However, if your discord app available in the list of startup with the status “Enabled” and mandatory for you to disable it by right click on Enabled status and than select Disable tab, your discord status will be change to Disabled and Discord app will be not running again on startup windows which slowing to open windows.
Task Manager Startup disable

When you want to save a few clicks and launch Discord straight away, its immediate start feature could come in helpful. However, if you don’t feel like viewing your chats right away, this function may have a detrimental impact on your PC’s boot time, speed, and mood. Use one of the aforementioned methods to simply disable this feature if you believe that its drawbacks exceed its benefits.

Finally, you can stop discord app running on startup completely. thank you for reading my article if you have any question and suggestion please, don’t be hesitate to leave a comment bellow. for next further please help me to share this post to your friends or on your social media or your blog and website, and i am very appreciate. sharing is caring. lets do the best think together to get better life.

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